“In My Kitchen” November 2018

Along with a bit of kitchen gadgetry, I am sharing a craft that would be perfect for holiday gifts. . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” November 2018

Memory Boxes

Keep track of all the joy and happiness that 2016 will surely bring. Make a memory box to keep track of all the new year happenings. . . . → Read More: Memory Boxes

Make Your Own Gift Bags and Go Retro

I become even more retro and vintage at Christmas time. I think as I get older, I enjoy more retro stuff. Er…or maybe it is me that is actually become more vintage.

Anyhoo, I found some old forgotten sticker paper in our office/guest room and I went nuts printing vintage images for packages and gift . . . → Read More: Make Your Own Gift Bags and Go Retro

Doo rags (and doo-doo rags)

Keeping up a tradition of gifting tidy-whiteys to the nephews, we created some original headgear for them this Christmas. . . . → Read More: Doo rags (and doo-doo rags)

Felted Dryer Balls

OK—no snickering at the title of this post. It could have been worse. I could have simply titled it “wooly balls.” 🙂

I tried to be proactive all year and keep on the look out for cool homemade gift ideas. During the months of November and December, I would like to share with you some . . . → Read More: Felted Dryer Balls

Advent Calendar: Making paper bells

This isn’t a Gift from the Kitchen, but we did make it in the kitchen. That counts, right?

When the in-laws were here for Thanksgiving, my mother-in-law and I got so bored with the 24/7 football that was blaring in the living room, we found a project. She was wanting to make paper ornaments for . . . → Read More: Advent Calendar: Making paper bells

Some more gift ideas, but not from the kitchen

I took some time out of the kitchen to crank up the sewing machine and finish some other Christmas gifts. . . . → Read More: Some more gift ideas, but not from the kitchen