Santa Fe Shopping

Can I go anywhere and not focus on shopping?   The answer is no.   And, I pride myself in finding the funkiest jewelry, clothes, and folk art when I am in New Mexico.   Here are a few places that we found on this trip.

Doodlet’s:   This is a quirky, eclectic, funky little store.   Apparently, it had only recently opened back up at after a few years’  hiatus while the historic building was remodeled.   I was glad it opened at least in time for our arrival.   We made two trips to this store to buy a few trinkets for some jewelry projects as well as a few fun small things for the nieces.

Aren’t these fun?

There are some small saint and angel trinkets, a lucky turtle, a small bell (all of which I am going to use for some funky jewelry), some glow fairies, a tiny clothes pin with a lady bug, and a smiley for a co-worker (which I might have to borrow after Christmas vacation is over!!!).


Make this a shopping destination.

Antique Warehouse:   What a fun place.    We became obsessed with buying a salvaged door and remodeling the house (which would involve knocking out a wall).   We loved them so much.   There are also lots of other architecturally salvaged finds here.

Doors and more doors.

The Spanish Table:   Talk about a foodie haven.  I sought out this store primarily for a tangine.   I ended up walking out with a whole lot more:  Spanish olive oil, a cool dispenser for oil, Spanish lavender honey, and some Piment d’Espelette that were grown in Dixon, NM.

My booty.

O’Farrell:  Need a custom made hat?   This would be the place.   Beautiful hats, but  it does cost a lot to have a one of a kind.   We just browsed.  🙂

Secrets and Sons:  This is another architectural treasure.    This massive place is incredible.  We found lots of ideas here as well.   Most of the antiques are of Asian, Middle Eastern, and Indian in origin.

Just part of the outside compound at Secrets and Sons.

Desires (66 E San Francisco St # 14):    Funky boutique.   I bought a funky hoodie and some great earrings at a great price.

Native American Vendors Program (Palace of the Governors, E Palace Ave. and Lincoln Ave.):   Do not miss buying direct from the artist here.   We bought a great bracelet, some beautiful earrings, and some copper guitar picks.

Santa Fe Folk Art Gallery:  Really wanted to by some funky Ortega rabbits here.  I love the sense of humor.

The Monk’s Corner:   We had visited this shop on our previous trip.   We had to return.  I bought another St. Pasquale for the kitchen and a beautiful Saint bracelet.

El Nicho (227 Don Gaspar Ave):    A great place to by Ortega’s—angels, rabbits, santos.

I love  placing some of our new found items around the house to remind me of Santa Fe and help me make it until we can return.

One more post tomorrow about Santa Fe.   Finally, a recipe or two.






5 comments to Santa Fe Shopping

  • Liz

    Ooh, you brought home some fabulous souvenirs!!! Love the tangine…and can’t see what you whip up with it!

  • Ann

    Looks like FUN! I love funky, quirky stores…and any sort of architectural salvage type of place!

  • Did you bring a U-haul trailer with you so you take it all back home? I’m making a note to myself…drive to Santa Fe-not fly-so I can come back with one of those doors!

    • Eliot

      No, but we were in a pick-up. That became our saying anytime we saw something we liked—“You know, we do have the truck.” We talked ourselves off the ledge on most items. 🙂