Leftover Pizza Dough Flatbread

In our quest to live more frugally, not waste, and use up what we have on hand before spring (hence our 2012 Clean Out), I came up with this simple treat.

We try to make Sundays pizza night (a tradition leftover from my childhood LONG ago).   My husband’s favorite is a deep dish Chicago-style pizza.    After rolling out the dough and trimming the edges a bit, I found I had a handful of dough left over.

I caught myself just before I tossed it in the trash can.

“Appetizer, ” I thought.

I rolled it out, drizzled some garlic-infused olive oil and a drop or two of balsamic on it, sprinkled it with some dried tomato flakes and some Parmesan and popped it in the oven.

The result:

Just a little leftover dough.


Some delicious flat bread!

I feel bad posting just a little tiny piece of flat bread, but after my insane baking, I need a little break!

(Next time I have leftover pizza dough, I think I will be really bad and pinch off little pieces, fry it up, and douse it in garlic butter!)

Have a great Wednesday!


11 comments to Leftover Pizza Dough Flatbread

  • Glad you did not let the dough go to waste! Flatbread was a tasty way to go with it and the fry idea sounds even better. Too much baking can take its toll, so the break was very deserved I am sure. Enjoy the flatbread and all of those delicious muffins!

  • Amen to frugal living. I cringe anytime I see directions in a recipe that say to throw out stuff that can be used in other ways. Your flatbread looks wonderful. I agree with Tina though; frying is a stellar idea.

  • heee, I love doing stuff like this. When I have leftover pie dough, I roll it up with cinnamon, sugar, raisins, and nuts and make little cinnamon roll pie crust cookies. I recently drained off the broth from some ground chicken I browned for Asian veggie wraps and added some leftover cabbage to it and some mushrooms with some seasoning for a little soup appetizer! lol

    • Eliot

      That is the great thing (actually one of many) about making homemade. Let those creative juices flow with all the little tidbits and leftovers. It sounds like you were very inventive!

  • Ann

    I wouldn’t feel bad about posting this – it’s a brilliant use of what you have! BRAVO! I am SO digging this clean up you’re doing!

  • I want this, and I loved that you saved that bit of dough. It’s like a blank canvas that you can top with whatever bits and pieces are sitting in the fridge. I always have good cheese and anchovies, which might make for an interesting topping.

  • Nice. A good chef never throws anything away.

  • I agree with Chef Connie, never throw anything away but *sigh* that’s why I need to do a clean out 😉 When the weather is nice you can grill up your left over bits (healthier than frying).

  • This flatbread looks fantastic – genius creation and thumbs up for no waste 😀

    Choc Chip Uru