Art festivals, art cars, and Chalkfest! Catching up a bit on our adventures.

Even though I recently took  a bit of a break from blogging, I wasn’t on a hiatus from fun.   We were able to fit in a couple of really fun adventures even though things were a bit hectic.   I definitely needed the diversion.

Tulsa boasts an international art festival called Mayfest.     Mayfest has evolved into a major festival and one that everyone looks forward to every year.     One of the best things about Mayfest may be that it has spurred a lot of other events around Tulsa that same weekend, and some of these events may have even surpassed Mayfest in popularity.

A few years ago, an “anti-Mayfest” (that is a term The Hubs coined) sprung up.      The Blue Dome Arts Festival was first a reaction to all the local artists that were being ignored by the “international” Mayfest.

The namesake.

Now, we solely attend the Blue Dome festival and only venture into Mayfest if we want to look at the local student art or if there is a favorite act playing.    The Blue Dome festival is not quite so crowded (but we are seeing that change), is a bit more laid back, and is a lot more eclectic and interesting.

It truly is growing. This was a picture from last year and I would safely say it had more than doubled this year.

This year we watched drummers drumming, potters potting, and belly dancers jiggling!  🙂

Besides these art festivals, there is an Art Car Parade this same weekend.     This year it was fairly small, but I have seen years where we have had a huge participation from around the adjoining states (especially Texas).      I love the quirky creativeness of this parade.

The Grand Marshall? This was one hot dog.

See the chairs in the back. After this art car parked, it set up an art booth.

Look carefully at this art car with a dental theme. There are toothbrushes on the hubcaps, spent toothpaste tubes on the bumper and dentures on the hood.

Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

Bottle caps and wine corks.

Rubber ducky, you're the one...

Op Art Car

Mermaid spreading peace and love.

I agree, "There is a pearl inside each of us!" (And, apparently mermaids don't cook.)

The El Toro mobile. Yes, that is fur.

Is that a stripper pole on top?

I really don't know.

Hmm, still don't. Is it a sea monster after the mermaid?

My favorite. I want to paint my hippie bus like this.

It's George Jetson's bike!

Completely equipped with a water pistol.

Another cool event was Chalkfest in the Deco District.   Tulsa is known for its wonderful Art Deco architecture.

This is only one meager example.

Artists (professionals and students alike) were given a 10 x 10 part of the street for their canvas:

More art deco in chalk.

An homage to sisterhood.

Love is the answer.


This reminded us of our teenage years.

Another good message.

The Art Deco District has just recently started a marketing campaign.   We were made aware of it this holiday season when many pop-up shops opened up.

This one, and a few others, are here to stay.

There are many restaurants, bars, and clubs in all of the areas we wandered into.    During our whole day out we kept thinking, “Why did we not buy a dilapidated old building in one of these areas twenty years ago?”    Who knew?

If you are ever in Tulsa the third weekend in May, make sure you head downtown.    And, I have a list of favorite restaurants, adult beverage establishments, and hangouts if you are ever in need.

But, if you can’t make it to Tulsa, by all means seek out your own local art festivals and patronize the local art scene in your area this summer.

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