A Dilly of a Deli

During the summer, here is our agenda for the perfect Saturday morning:

  1. Get up early (sort of—at least by 8:00).
  2. Grab some coffee at Cherry Street Coffee House.
  3. Peruse the stalls at the Cherry Street Farmers Market.
  4. Grab a late breakfast at Dilly Deli.


On a recent Saturday, we at least visited Dilly Deli; of course, the farmers markets are not yet open.

We had a relaxing time.

I love the menu.   A lot of the dishes are named after the owners’ friends.

Take the Jed, a “cinnamon roll as big as your head.”   (We ordered this once.   It is no joke.)

My favorite is the Meg, a fried egg sandwich on sourdough.    You must add an avocado to this sandwich!   Delicious!   The egg is cooked perfectly and the yolk oozes out on your first bite.   Have lots of napkins ready.


The Meg: It is a bit messy but well worth the mess!

The Green Eggs and Ham (Crispy hash browns with spinach, prosciutto, pesto, Parmesan cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and two fried eggs) is pretty darn tasty too.

Omelets are made to order.  The Hubs was a little disappointed with his.   He ordered it with homemade chorizo, tomatoes, and green peppers.    It just wasn’t spicy enough for him.

One caveat on going on a Saturday morning:

We could not find a parking spot and we anticipated that we would have to wait for a table.    (This was about 8:00 a.m.)    When we entered the restaurant, it was almost deserted.    Then it hit us—there was a bicycle/running store on the corner and they were hosting some practice runs.    Hence the parking issue—apparently all the runners drove to this site 🙂 .  Sure enough, it wasn’t long before lots of very fit runners (dressed in the latest and most stylish gear) entered in droves.     Most started ordering Bloody Marys immediately!     I hope they were all running home.   And, those Bloody Mary’s looked delicious!  But, one of the best drinks on a Saturday  morning is the fresh squeezed OJ.


A cup o’ Joe was pretty good too!

Sadly, we have only eaten lunch here once but the tabouli was exceedingly fabulous!

Dilly Deli
402 E 2nd St.
Tulsa, OK 74120
(918) 938-6382

Dilly Deli is part of the McNellie’s Group, a local group of eclectic and inventive places.   Dilly Deli also won the “Best Sandwich Shop” category in Absolute Best of Tulsa 2012.   (Really, I was not influenced by the awards.   As I was verifying that El Rio Verde was a “Best of” winner, I noticed Dilly Deli was right there in the mix as well!)

Stay tuned for more Revs and Recs.

10 comments to A Dilly of a Deli

  • The egg sandwich on sourdough would probably be my choice for the lunch too.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  • CCU

    That does sound like one very happy saturday my friend 😀


  • OK—we just ate brunch/lunch there. Tomato basil soup is to die for. Tabouli was still fabulous. The “Steve” was a perfect pairing with the tomato soup. The Hubs had the “Glenn & Joan” (Corned beef, pastrami, Muenster & Swiss cheeses, served with spicy mustard & yellow mustard on rye), and the mother-in-law made her own roast beef sandwich with white cheddar, lettuce, tomato and blue cheese sauce. Then, I tried the new Okie Tonic which besides other things contained cranberry nectar, lemon and ginger juices, rosehips, red raspberry leaves, nettles, honey, St. John’s Wort, and gingko biloba. It was delicious!!!!!! I will have to post about the producer, Okie Alchemy soon!

  • This sounds wonderful! I’ve never been there although your Saturday sounds a bit like ours – We have a place we like to go after Farmer’s Market (always first to get the best) and then a few yard sales to recycle and reuse – then The Diner – so wonderful but long lines especially in the summer so we end up at Tulio’s (Tex Mex). I love the egg sandwich because that’s exactly how I eat mine but this Okie Tonic sounds interesting. I can’t wait till post about THAT!

  • Sounds like the perfect Saturday morning! Local delis are the best places to eat!

  • Liz

    Sounds like a wonderful Saturday morning routine. I had to giggle at the thought of runners drinking Bloody Mary’s after a workout…I would be napping the rest of the day if I did that!