Apple Marmalade

2014-11-16 12.39.29

Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful that I made this marvelous recipe for this most divine preserve! . . . → Read More: Apple Marmalade

Five Spice Apple Pie

2014-11-11 19.35.56

As a continuation from my fabulous birthday trip, we stopped on our way home at Louisburg Orchard and Cider Mill.  We had previously purchased some Arkansas Black apples at the City Market in KC, but we wanted more.   We found cheap Jonathan apples at the orchard’s shop.

What do you do when you buy . . . → Read More: Five Spice Apple Pie

Apple Butter Muffins

2014-11-16 15.29.27

Here is an easy muffin recipe to throw together for a holiday breakfast or brunch. . . . → Read More: Apple Butter Muffins

Grandma’s Apple Butter

2014-11-09 16.56.20

I vowed to make the family’s favorite apple butter with part of our bushel of Jonathan apples. Here is an heirloom recipe that just might be in your family, too. . . . → Read More: Grandma’s Apple Butter

Happy Birthday to Me Trip!

2014-11-08 15.50.14

I love traveling with The Hubs, even when it’s just a quick weekend getaway.

Case in point….this past weekend we incorporated a one night work trip with a one night fun trip.   Voila!  A birthday trip extraordinaire!

We love Kansas City and it is only about three and a half hours away.   It . . . → Read More: Happy Birthday to Me Trip!

Catch a C.L.U.E.: A new club for cooks (#BLOGGERCLUE)

2014-11-11 18.08.14

Welcome to a new foodie blogger club and please keep reading for a fantastic lemony and cheesey and creamy risotto…perfect for a Thanksgiving side. . . . → Read More: Catch a C.L.U.E.: A new club for cooks (#BLOGGERCLUE)

Mushroom Pâté

2014-10-22 18.20.50

I posted this recipe recently as a topping for a pizza.  As the holidays approach, it is worthy of another mention.

This might not be the most beautiful appetizer ever created, but if you like mushrooms, you will be all over this.


Mushroom Pâté  recipe from Eating Well (Sept/Oct 2015)

3 T. extra virgin olive oil, . . . → Read More: Mushroom Pâté

T-Bones in Ashes

2014-10-26 19.02.31

Grill it right int he coals….easy and delicious and primal…. . . . → Read More: T-Bones in Ashes

Elixirs for Xmas: Winter-Spiced Vodka

2014-10-26 10.51.30

I have always been fascinated with infusions but I have never attempted any.   This year it will be different.

I am planning on giving many liquid gifts  this year and have been doing some early preparations.   For all my Elixirs for Xmas posts, click here.

This potent potable sounds especially delicious.

Winter-Spiced Vodka from Nigella . . . → Read More: Elixirs for Xmas: Winter-Spiced Vodka

Elixirs for Xmas: Homemade Lemon Extract

2014-10-25 10.48.23

Believe or not, I think my family and friends are getting tired of getting the obligatory jar of jam for Christmas, so this year I wanted to do something completely different.

Elixirs for Xmas will be a brief series here at EE, prior to the holiday season.

Why so early?

Because all of these infusions . . . → Read More: Elixirs for Xmas: Homemade Lemon Extract