Food ‘n Flix Round-Up for August: Osage County


Although August: Osage County is not a typical foodie film, please check out what the Food ‘n Flix members have dreamed up this month. . . . → Read More: Food ‘n Flix Round-Up for August: Osage County

Crux of the Biscuit


Here’s an Artisan Biscuit recipe for this month’s Food ‘n Flix as inspired by August: Osage County. . . . → Read More: Crux of the Biscuit

Rosemary Limeade with a Kick

2015-08-09 16.34.47

Need a refreshing cocktail to jump start (or kick) you for a busy week? This should do it, my friend. . . . → Read More: Rosemary Limeade with a Kick

Please Meet Anna…..


Welcome to a late addition to C.L.U.E. as I try to rectify a formidable FUBAR. Here’s a great Black Bean Salad and a Pasta Mediterranean Salad from Anna Dishes. . . . → Read More: Please Meet Anna…..

Spiked Cherry Conserve


I haven’t been making quite as much jam this year but I have been trying out a few new recipes. This one is a keeper. . . . → Read More: Spiked Cherry Conserve

Icy Rum Punch from the Islands

2015-08-11 18.18.57

It was 104 degrees F. last weekend here.   Although it has only been in the lower 90s thus far this week, I still need to beat the heat.

Welcome to the August round of C.L.U.E. where we are all trying to BEAT the HEAT!

I was the assigned blog-stalker for Stacy from Food Lust . . . → Read More: Icy Rum Punch from the Islands

Smoked Goat Cheese with Herbed Spice

2015-07-04 15.30.46

This is one of those revisited and previously posted recipes.  Smoked Goat Cheese is a super easy appetizer, especially when you have the grill going on a summer weekend.   

I originally posted the recipe here.   We have tweaked the recipe a great deal and I think we have perhaps perfected it here with . . . → Read More: Smoked Goat Cheese with Herbed Spice

Honey Cookies

2015-07-15 11.07.36

I baked up some honey cookies to celebrate this month’s Cook the Books round. For our latest read we perused through “The Wedding Bees” by Sarah-Kate Lynch. . . . → Read More: Honey Cookies

Food ‘n Flix August Announcement

august poster

I hope you can participate this month as Eliot’s Eats hosts Food ‘n Flix with August: Osage County. This film is not a traditional foodie film but I hope you can appreciate the inspiration. . . . → Read More: Food ‘n Flix August Announcement

Drying Cherries

2015-07-05 11.39.44

During a recent Cook the Books foray into Robin Mather’s The Feast Nearby, I had earmarked many, many recipes to try during the growing season.

One of these recipes (or rather a “How To” guide) was dehydrating cherries.

I love dried cherries and can snack on them often.   I love baking recipes that call for . . . → Read More: Drying Cherries