Butternut-Maple Blondies with Cumin


Welcome to the countdown for the Kentucky Derby. Why would I usher in this horse race with these blondies? If you’re intrigued, keep reading about “Sugar Rush”. (That would make a great name for a horse, don’t you think?) . . . → Read More: Butternut-Maple Blondies with Cumin

Tangy Cumin Citronette and a Salad Trifecta


This tangy vinaigrette is perfect for greens. It is perfect for a composed chicken salad. It is perfect for quinoa and kale. Cumin Citronette is so good, I tried it on all three salads. . . . → Read More: Tangy Cumin Citronette and a Salad Trifecta

Wine Country


It’s not Napa, but Arkansas definitely has some outstanding wineries run by some great people. . . . → Read More: Wine Country

A Visit to the Natural State for an Opportunity to Relax


Tag along for a visit to Arkansas, The Natural State and The Land of Opportunity ….to relax. . . . → Read More: A Visit to the Natural State for an Opportunity to Relax

Chicken Tacos with Red Cabbage and Radish


This recipe for shredded chicken is delicious and will inspire you to want to make lots of tacos, enchiladas, wraps, and salads. The possibilities are endless with this basic recipe. . . . → Read More: Chicken Tacos with Red Cabbage and Radish

Restaurant Style Salsa


Today, I recreate a favorite restaurant’s salsa. This recipe makes a huge batch so be prepared to invite over lots of friends to your next fiesta! . . . → Read More: Restaurant Style Salsa

Bee-Friendly Gardens

bee friendly garden

Become a pollinator steward and plant a bee friendly garden. Not only will you be helping the bees, you will also have a garden to envy with year-long blooms and an abundant vegetable harvest. . . . → Read More: Bee-Friendly Gardens

Unprejudiced Palate Italian Soup


Although spring has sprung, it is still a good time for soup, especially with our up and down temperatures. I created a warming soup for a cold spring day and to celebrate this round of Cook the Books. . . . → Read More: Unprejudiced Palate Italian Soup

Meyer Lemon Chevre Cream Pie for #SixteenCheesecakes


This pie is worthy of more than a graham cracker crust so try it with a ginger snap crust. This pie is also worthy of helping in an anniversary celebration #SixteenCheesecakes . . . → Read More: Meyer Lemon Chevre Cream Pie for #SixteenCheesecakes

Brandied Grapes


This month’s Food ‘n Flix movie selection was “A Walk in the Clouds.” Please keep reading to see the dish that was inspired by the film. . . . → Read More: Brandied Grapes