Braised Mushrooms with Tagliatelle

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Come along with me as we spend a thousand days in Venice…. . . . → Read More: Braised Mushrooms with Tagliatelle

Three Pepper Burgers for #10DaysofTailgate

2014-09-14 18.45.13

A grilled burger with green chile rub, fresh jalapenos, cheese and a fantastic cherry chipotle sauce! Three pepper flavors on one burger! Perfect for #10DaysofTailgate. . . . → Read More: Three Pepper Burgers for #10DaysofTailgate

Caramelized Onion Dip for #10DaysofTailgate

2014-09-18 15.29.28

A delicious dip that can be served hot or at room temperature. . . . → Read More: Caramelized Onion Dip for #10DaysofTailgate

Pretzel Sticks with Two Sauces for #10DaysofTailgate

2014-09-01 17.26.24

Try these make-ahead pretzel sticks with two easy sauces, an easy beer cheese sauce and a delicious mustard dip. . . . → Read More: Pretzel Sticks with Two Sauces for #10DaysofTailgate

Oktoberfest Beer Mustard with Charcuterie for #10DaysofTailgate

2014-09-14 15.13.38

Can up some beer mustard for gifts (or your next tailgate). . . . → Read More: Oktoberfest Beer Mustard with Charcuterie for #10DaysofTailgate

#10DaysofTailgate THE GIVEAWAYS


I am just loving being a part of #10DaysofTailgate!

The sponsors are so generous (I posted a preview here), sending box after box of delicious items and cool kitchen gadgetry!!!!!   I will post more about my freebies as they just keep coming to the door!

Camilla (Culinary Adventures with Camilla)  put together nearly two . . . → Read More: #10DaysofTailgate THE GIVEAWAYS

Warm Garden Salsa #10DaysofTailgate: The Kick-Off!

2014-09-14 18.39.11

I am not a huge football fan.

My high school was so small…..

How small was it?

It was so small that we did not have a football team.  No joke, I graduated with eleven people.  We couldn’t even field an 8-man team.

When I got to college, I went to the obligatory football . . . → Read More: Warm Garden Salsa #10DaysofTailgate: The Kick-Off!

Coming Soon: #10DaysofTailgate


Please forgive Saturday’s post of my pity party of funkness.  You’ll be happy to know that I am over my mood and part of that reason is a fun event coming soon to Eliot’s Eats and a host of other talented bloggers.

It is time to move on to an exciting party which will begin on . . . → Read More: Coming Soon: #10DaysofTailgate

Roasted Tomato Soup

2014-08-11 19.35.31

I’m in a funk….

Work has been busy but what else is new?

Although I have cooked and baked, I just haven’t felt like posting anything. (And if I am being totally forthcoming here, I haven’t cooked or baked all that much. Lots of sandwiches recently ’round here.)

Is it the weather change?

Am I . . . → Read More: Roasted Tomato Soup

A Cross Country Culinary Tour


Come along with me as we travel to Michigan, Florida and Australia to meet three of my blogger friends…(We’ll try not to get shipwrecked.) . . . → Read More: A Cross Country Culinary Tour