The Lake…..Aahh!

I get to sit on the deck every morning until it gets to 90 degrees.2013-07-11 10.43.43

I get to leisurely read through my stacks of magazines (and am Pinning a ton of stuff).

I get to listen to the birds sing.

I get to watch hummingbirds play in the sprinkler mist.

I get to watch daring squirrels make running jumps for hanging bird feeders.

I get to watch the geese every morning (and evening).

2013-07-10 06.59.48

I get to watch the sunrise.2013-07-10 06.54.48

I get to watch the sunset.2013-07-10 20.35.55

I get to wish that we owned this little abode (instead of just house sitting for a week).2013-07-10 06.55.28

I get to take in the beautiful views.2013-07-10 06.54.53

Collective sigh…..


The only bad thing is that The Hubs isn’t able to take off much.   (He is driving  back and forth to work….Bummer.)   So, I am ending up having to enjoy much of this without him.

We are able to spend together after work.    We grilled some fabulous burgers and zucchini (brought with us from our own garden).

At the lake, things just taste better cooked outside on a tailgating grill.2013-07-10 20.01.07

At the lake, you have to improvise, like using a pie server to flip burgers.

2013-07-10 20.01.10Thank you, thank you, thank you, friends, for sharing your house with us while you vacationed away from this paradise.    Remember, I will house sit for you anytime.2013-07-10 06.54.14Note:   I also read ahead for Cook the Books club, watched two movies ahead for Food ‘n Flix, and even volunteered to host an FnF  feature in 2014.    Wow.   I feel not only rejuvenated but fairly organized.  🙂

Abigail, there is a beautiful public garden near here that I found the most beautiful flower EVER for you.

2013-07-13 09.19.10It is an Asiatic Lilly.

I will post more about this amazing garden soon (with lots more flowers for Abigail).     Hugs, smiles, and serene thoughts today.

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