“Waffled” Breakfast Club Sandwich

I came of age in the 80s.   I wore leg warmers, neon colors, Flashdance-influenced sweatshirts, and designer jeans.   My hair has been pink, asymmetric, and teased up high (just not all at once).     I have been a punk, a prep, and a rocker.   


Circa 1985. Such babies.

I feel old.

No really— I feel ancient.

The Breakfast Club, that quintessential teenage-angst dramedy of the mid 80s, that film I loved, that film that spoke to a generation (or at least to me) is nearing its thirtieth anniversary.


Is Judd Nelson really wearing “cheaters”?


I chose this film for my first hosting gig at Food ‘n Flix for a couple of reasons.   Obviously, the title involves a foodie reference and I was feeling nostalgic. I know, I know—there is not a lot of food in the film.   Other than the title and the lunch scene, that is about it.   I hope everyone was up for a challenge.

I have to admit that after re-watching this film I thought, “Good grief, what have I done?  What was I thinking?” But, I soon landed on an idea.   I knew that I had to do breakfast and maybe put a spin on a sandwich.

Here is my contribution to this month’s Food ‘n Flix.


Waffled” Breakfast Club Sandwich

Step 1:   Make the French Toast Batter
2 farm fresh eggs
1 c. whole milke
1 t. pure vanilla
3 T. flour
1/8 t. fine sea salt
1 T. local honey

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth.   Pour into a shallow bowl or an 8 x 8 baking dish.

Step 2:   Make the Waffled French Toast
6 slice whole wheat bread
1 batch of French Toast Batter (see above)

Preheat waffle maker.

Dip the bread, a slice at a time, into the better being sure to coat each side well.   When waffle maker is hot, place the bread in the waffle maker and close the top, pressing down lightly.  Cook until golden brown according to waffle maker’s instructions.  Repeat with the remaining pieces of bread.

2014-01-25 08.56.14

Step 3:  Assemble the sandwich
2-3 cooked sausage patties
2-3 fried eggs
2-3 T. granola
maple syrup

Place one waffled slice on a plate.   Top with sausage.   Top that with another waffled slice.   Top with egg.  (For a triple-decker, top that with another waffled slice.   This recipe makes two triple-deckers or three double-deckers.)   Sprinkle with granola and drizzle with maple syrup.

2014-01-25 08.54.51

I used “waffled” French toast just for the weirdness factor.   Let’s face it, teenagers are weird.   The granola sprinkle is a reference to Allison’s really bizarre Cap’n Crunch sandwich.

What do I think the “The Breakfast Club” would think about this dish?

This is a hearty breakfast so Andrew would appreciate it.   (He probably had such a high-caloric breakfast every morning plus that ridiculously large lunch that was packed in grocery bags.)  Brian as well is probably used to a home cooked breakfast like this.    Bender would appreciate it, too.  I doubt that he was fortunate enough to have a home-cooked breakfast very often.   His breakfasts probably consisted of a can of coke and a cold pop tart (if he were lucky).   Allison would toss the sausage aside, smash the fried egg into oblivion, and pour pixie stix dust on top before she ate it.   Claire, on the other hand, would snub her nose at this.   She might pick the granola off the top.

2014-01-25 08.55.19

And, Vice Principal Vernon, what would he think?   You know, I really don’t care.   He is an embarrassment to the principal profession.

Remember that there is still a bit of time if you want to participate in this month’s round of Food ‘n Flix.    A bit of time is all there is because the deadline is January 27.   If you feel inspired, please click here for participation instructions.   Food ‘n Flix is open to anybody who loves films and food.


Stay tuned for the round-up of all the Food ‘n Flix participants’ posts for this month.

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