Cook the Books Announcement: The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo

In the late 80s, my family traveled to Texas so my sister could interview for the prestigious Truman Scholarship. While we were waiting on her to complete the interview process, mom, dad and I wandered around the college campus.  While I am pretty certain we were on the campus of SMU, I have no problem remembering the impact of a small exhibit on campus.

The Works of Frida Kahlo


The Wounded Deer (1946)

I remember standing in front of this painting and wanting to stare at it for hours.  (I think I might have frightened my father a bit by how much I loved this exhibit.)

I had never seen anything so weird or wonderful.

I have been fascinated by her works and life ever since.  When I saw this novel on a bookseller’s table, I had to have it.


The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo by F. G. Haghenbeck is full of food.  Sprinkled throughout the narrative of Kahlo’s fiery life are recipes, everything from Pico de Gallo to Mango Tepozteco Ice Cream.

Cook the Books is joining with Food ‘n Flix this month in a crossover event.  I am hosting The Secret Book for CTB and hosting Frida for FnF.   There will be more about the September FnF event soon.  For the official CTB announcement post and all the information about participating, click here.  The CTB deadline is September 30.

Please consider participating in both of these Frida events.  You can use one post or two to celebrate this artist’s life.


Fate is a crazy thing.  Can you believe that coinciding with this CTB and FnF paired event is a much bigger affair at the Gilcrease Museum of Art in Tulsa?


Frida leaning on a sculpture by Mardonio Magaña, Coyoacán 1940, by Nickolas Muray

Frida Kahlo: Through the Lens of Nickolas Muray

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