Ahhhh…..Beach Life

I almost hate to write this post because I kind of want to keep Tybee Island a secret.

We recently visited Tybee Island, GA for an extended family reunion/getaway.   Our group of thirteen rented two condos and spent a glorious four days at the beach.

Unfortunately, Tybee is not a culinary mecca but the beach life makes up for all that.

We spent one entire day at the beach (and thanks to Granny and Grandpa for bringing the canopy!), we took a short day trip into Savannah, we took a boat ride, rented scooters and walked a lot of beach miles.  The beach was so clean, the people were so nice.  We can’t wait to return.

Sunset on Tybee.

I would have loved to have spent more time in Savannah.  We did enjoy Forsyth Park.

…the City Market and River Street.

The Waving Girl legend was the saddest story I ever heard (from a local in Tybee) but then I researched the tale and found out it is simply a story of stick-to-it-ness.

I can’t wait to return to both Tybee and Savannah.

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I could so become a beach bum, collect shells, and make jewelry to sell on the beach…just sayin’.


18 comments to Ahhhh…..Beach Life

  • Beautiful clean beach with blue sky…I am sure that you had a great day 🙂

    • I don’t have a lot of experience with beaches, but it was super clean. Volunteers from the island were there every morning making sure it was.

  • mae

    Savannah is a place I’ve always wanted to see more of — spent around half a day once long long ago. I had no idea there was a beach nearby. Good idea for a getaway!

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • This sound wonderful! I’ve never been to Savannah, and it’s on my bucket list. Tybee Island sounds delightful too.

  • Savannah will always remind me of Gone with the Wind! I am sure you had a wonderful holiday! Who needs food when your eyes are fed with all this beauty?

  • We went to Tybee Island about 10 years ago and I thought it was such a beautiful place, the people were incredibly nice. Will definitely go back.

  • Savannah has soooo much to explore! When our son was stationed at Ft Stewart we would drive up to visit, they would take us to Savannah. Love your reviews! Beach life can be good, so relaxing

    • I would have loved to explore more of Savannah. We only spent a few hours there all told. Next time I am doing some of the walking tours for sure. I have always been fascinated with the city, ever since Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

  • I’ve heard of this place, but never been. Have been to Savannah, and it’s lovely, isn’t it? Sounds like a fun trip!

  • I know what you mean about wanted to keep special places like a secret. Looks like a great place for a family reunion. What fun!!

    • It was perfect. If you wanted to go to the beach, you just walked. If you wanted to go touristy shopping, you just walked. If you wanted to rent scooters, you did. Wanted to walk the beach, do it. We are pushing to go back there next year.

  • Tybee is such a cute place. My sister went to college in Savannah, so we went a few time from Atlanta. It’s such a beautiful place!

    • It is unbelievably beautiful, Laura. And such a small town feel…even though one of the locals told us they dress up like pirates and scare all the tourists off the island in October! 🙂