In My Kitchen–February 2018

I really didn’t have a lot of items to post for In My Kitchen for February…. that is until we visited family in Houston this past week.

My MiL had never been to a Cost Plus World Market so I took the opportunity to introduce her to one of my favorite stores.  (I found one less than 6 miles from her house.)  We had a great shopping trip.  She bought some cool terracotta ramekins and will probably go back to buy a rug.   I snagged the following finds:

Bamboo fiber bowl with lid

I love the print.   I had another one that unfortunately split and needed a replacement.  This will be great for taking salads for lunch (which I sorely need to start doing, especially after this trip).

Zhena’s tea: Mint Melon Thyme

This herbal tea is delicious—really refreshing.   Notice the package is open.  We had to partake of some lovely cups of tea as soon as we got home from the store.

New colorful place mats and napkins.

The place mats were on sale and I couldn’t resist some new spring colors for the table.

I also picked up some great ideas for the kitchen as we sat around, read magazines, compared notes, drank more tea and caught up.  Look for a berry salad, a lemony arugula salad, a grilled fig appetizer, a caramelized onion bruschetta, and hummus recipes.    (I found the hummus recipes in a decorating magazine she had.  They all sounded delicious with cauliflower-harissa, roasted red pepper, carrot and artichoke-green onion variations.)

I just purchased Sourdough by Robin Sloan.


Look for a Cook the Books announcement soon regarding our next cycle of books.  This novel will be the August/September selection.

Finally, here’s something I’m most proud about that is recently gracing the kitchen:

My first Yelpy—for “Most Useful” reviews.  (If you’re interested, you can follow me here.)


Thanks to Sherry at Sherry’s Pickings for hosting In My Kitchen.

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