O Brother: Food ‘n Flix Round Up

Apparently I am in the minority when it comes to O Brother, Where Art Thou?   Did no one love the music?  Could no one appreciate the mythological allusions?  And, there was George Clooney.  How could no one notice just how much more handsome Clooney was playing opposite of Tim Blake Nelson?

Whatever.  (Actually, a few of us liked the film.)

I hosted O Brother, Where Art Thou?  for September’s Food ‘n Flix film.   I love this movie but it must be an acquired taste.  The food that our crew whipped up this month was delicious and would have definitely been a treat to the boys on their odyssey.

Culinary Adventures with Camilla is always a step ahead and was the first to post.   Having never seen the film,she had high hopes but they were soon dashed.   She writes, “While some will find this movie offbeat and entertaining, I didn’t think there was anything remarkable or memorable about it. Surely it does – and will continue to – resonate with some audience members, but I’m not one of them.”   Her feelings about the film did not keep her from whipping up a delicious and homey meal:  Pintos and Pork Jowls.  


Wendy (A Day in the Life on a Farm) was also less than enamored with this film:  “It may not have been the worst film ever….but it was mighty close in my opinion.”  Wendy did post a delicious and comforting casserole:  Chicken Noodle Casserole.

Wendy ends with “This film is said to be based on The Odyssey by Homer.  I don’t know about that.  I’m not very cultured but a taste of this casserole is an Odyssey and will have you saying ‘O Brother, Where Have You Been all my life’?”   At least she found a great recipe from this exercise.

Amy’s Cooking Adventures whipped up a Chicken Fricassee.  

Amy had a hard time running down a copy of the film, but she persevered.   We almost were treated to homemade rock candy (from the opening song “Big Rock Candy Mountain”).  I’m glad she featured this retro recipe from Betty Crocker.    Amy appreciated the soundtrack, too.  “Honestly, half the time I forgot to be looking for foodie inspiration, since I was enjoying the music so much!”

Heather from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen and the founder of Food ‘n Flix made a dessert for this film:  Triple Apple Pie.   She found a lot of inspiration (and mentioned some food references that I need to add to my list).  I love that she made a sweet treat.

And then there’s the pie. Our boys find a pie cooling on a window sill and cannot resist stealing it. I mean, they do leave some money on the empty sill in return, but I still consider it a stolen pie. You can hardly fault them, having been prisoners for so long, and then hungry escapees. How could they possibly resist the “invitation”? The joy on their faces as they eat that (somehow perfectly sliced) pie with their hands around the fire is pretty contagious.

This pie would have been the perfect ending to my O Brother, Where Art Thou? Menu.

I present T-Bones in the Ashes.  The steak is a reference to both campfire cooking when one is on the lam and the music producer of this film, T-Bone Burnett.  I had to make “gratinated” potatoes along with a coleslaw (from Everett’s call for a couple of pieces of cabbage for poor old Pete who had been turned into a toad).

Thanks to those that played along this month even though they did not see the humor.  Thanks to those that laughed along and enjoyed the music.

Please join Food ‘n Flix for October’s film:  The Addams Family or The Addams Family Values.  Choose one and celebrate Halloween with this month’s host, Kimberly from Coffee and Casseroles.

7 comments to O Brother: Food ‘n Flix Round Up

  • Mae

    Your two posts on O Brother! are delightful. I loved the film though I’ve only seen it twice, once when it was pretty new, and then more recently. The sound track is so fabulous! I hadn’t thought about the food aspects and appreciate all your observations. You are BONAFIDE!

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • I’m actually surprised so many people were disappointed, I thought this movie was pretty well loved. Whatcha gonna do? 😉 I had fun watching it again and creating something inspired by it. Thank you for being our host and rounding all of these fun recipes up in one spot, Debra!

  • Thanks so much for hosting Deb. Please don’t take my dislike of the movie personally. I am always glad to get pulled from my movie watching rut and be forced to expand my horizons.

  • Thanks for hosting! Yes, I am notoriously without a sense of humor. But I’m glad to have watched and played along with you.

  • Interesting to read the mix reactions some of which were an actual dislike of the film. As I mentioned earlier, I loved it and have lost count of the number of times I’ve seen it, and yes, I loved the music as well. In spite of the dislike of the movie, the group did come up with some great dishes.