“In My Kitchen” September 2020

Seriously, where did August go?  I guess it’s a good thing that 2020 is whipping by so quickly.

There’s a bit of garden produce, some galley gadgets, and some preserving going on In My Kitchen.

IMK is hosted by Sherry’s Pickings.  Let’s jump in and see what’s new here at EE.

Let’s start with the galley.  If we were not able to escape to the lake every weekend, I really don’t know how I would be coping.  Seriously.  We’ve experienced some very temperate weather so it’s been lovely.  (Even July 4 weekend was not Hades-hot.)

Because we adore morning coffee and tea on the bow, here’s an electric kettle that I ordered because of the retro look.

Yep, that’s me in the reflection.

I love it because it mirrors (pun intended) the truly vintage ice bucket that my mom bought me (and was featured in January’s “In My Kitchen”.)

If we have hot beverages in the morning on the bow, then we must have frozen cocktails on the aft in the afternoon.  Therefore, we also have a mini-blender for the boat.

We are getting a smattering of tomatoes from the garden but our biggest boast is our Moon and Stars watermelons.

I had to build a support for this one.

And, this is why they call it Moon & Stars.

We also had our biggest Cynthiana (also called Norton) grape harvest.  We picked a total of 18 gallons of grapes.  

I made two batches of jelly (Grape-Orange and Grape-Orange Spice), froze two quarts of juice, and I have a pitcher in the refrigerator (that I hope ferments).  Then, I am going to try to make vinegar.  We also gave a bucket or two to a friend who is making wine.

I ordered these awesome ice cube trays for freezing pesto and perhaps chipotles in adobo (if the jalapenos ever kick in).  

These are great because they have a silicon bottom and sealable covers.

Speaking of fermenting, we’ve been playing around with the process and trying different hot sauce concoctions.

There’s some sweet pepper salsa, some sambal, a gallon of pineapple-habanero, and a gallon of mango-Tabasco.   (For the latter one, I just subbed in the mango for pineapple and Tabasco peppers for the habaneros.)  The pepper salsa and sambal recipes came from Fermented Vegetables. 

These are bottles of the pineapple-habanero.

I recently discovered pomegranate molasses and love it.

I know.  Where have I been?   Here’s a recipe I tried first:  Eggplant and Tomato Stew.

And finally, just for fun, a new Frida mug (after I made a masked-trek to World Market).

Front view

Side view (from my work desk)


I also received a new cookbook for review:  Thinking & Eating.  

I’ll be reviewing it towards the end of the month.

Happy September and Happy Fall (or spring) depending on where you are.

Oh, and my favorite new beverage:  La Croix’ Limoncello.  It’s delicious!


See you in October!

14 comments to “In My Kitchen” September 2020

  • mae

    That’s a great collection of new kitchen ware and beautiful produce. I love the supported watermelon — it was lucky to find itself in the hands of such dedicated gardeners.

    be well… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

    • Well, as I write this…the zucchini and the watermelon vines have both bitten the dust. Don’t know how dedicated I am against squash bugs and mites. 🙁

  • You are an amazing gardener, Deb. That giant watermelon is really impressive. When are you going to cut it? Have never seen a Moon & Stars one…seedless?

  • thanks for joining in, debra. wow that watermelon is amazing. i can see why it’s called moon and stars – how incredible. and i love your new kettle. it’s so attractive; it would make me feel very happy to use it. you are a frida fan too? i have been a fan for years and i have several items with her face. i made my own pomegranate molasses last year. it tastes wonderful, and i really should use it more often. looks like you have had a useful and productive month. cheers, sherry

  • You have so many amazing things in your kitchen, that i am envious. in admiration for your Moon and Stars watermelon – never heard of it before and so pleased to do so now. Thank you.The mugs are a delight. I kneed to see if i have fermented vegetables on my bookshelf, if not – its going to be on my wish list. It sounds like a fab book by your concoctions.

  • A LOT of great stuff in your kitchen! I don’t know where to start. Love the electric kettle. The moon and stars is amazing. Have never seen that before. Tons of grape so I know you’re busy making jelly. Love the hot sauce, cups and everything! Wish my kitchen was this interesting.

  • I love the kettle – and that watermelon is HUGE! Enjoy the pomegranate molasses – I always have a bottle in my fridge 🙂

  • Debra, I’ve been absent from IMK for nearly a year, but it’s always a pleasure to read your posts and see your photos. Loved your electic teapot and reflection in it, too — sometimes we show up in life whether we intend to or not. Recently I visited an antiques shop (with my mask on) to look for a “Downton Abbey worthy” tea cup. That’s what I get for watching reruns trying pass the time, lol. Thankfully I found what I was looking for — your Frida mug looks like a keeper as well. Loved your grape harvest, silicon ice cube trays, and jarred goodies, too. Great to see you again!

  • Liz

    That watermelon is amazing, did it ripen enough to eat? And I am envious of all your fermenting, I haven’t had much luck…maybe I should look into the fermented vegetable book. I like the sound of that chili sauce made from mango.

    Your new kettle is very ‘cool’, we also purchased a new one this month for tea and coffee but it isn’t nearly as cute.