December 2022 “In My Kitchen”

I plan throughout the year for December themed posts, subjects like the most original “12 Days of Christmas Treats,” jams , DIY and gift making (done a couple of times), some miscellaneous posts, and cookies.   In the early years of the blog, things worked out well for my holiday posts (mostly).

Then, life just got busier and busier.  A new job and different commitments just got in the way of my festive EE editions.  I continue to think about holiday posts throughout the year and I have some in my drafts that I just continue to schedule for the next year.   My favorite is going through old Gourmet December editions.  I swear that sometime I will do that for December.

As for now, it will just be another hodge podge of offerings.

Starting with the Klaus announcement on December 1…


Let’s just move on to the subject at hand, December’s “In My Kitchen.”

During one of our last fall cruises, I scraped the bottom of the barrel as far as our portable potent potables go.  I found some “single” serving cocktails and wine portions and we had a nice charcuterie plate along with a fabulous final cruise of the season.

I want to find more of these Gaze wine cocktails for next summer.  This one is a Coconut Water-Moscato-Chardonnay blend with only 70 calories.  I really want to check out their other varieties like the Blueberry-Pomegranate ones.  Yum.  

Here’s Newt enjoying that last cruise.

Speaking of cocktails and wine…is it bad that my Godchildren got me this for my birthday?  Perhaps they know me too well.  🙂


Moving on to Thanksgiving, we visited my BiL and the two great nieces in Colorado for the holiday.   A turkey cheeseball is always on the table.  This year, the youngest niece had a go at the design.  I love the back end tailfeathers!  She’s so creative!

I’ve got a couple of curveballs this week.  The first one is from our Colorado trip.  The Friday after Thanksgiving, we spotted five balloons serenely making their way across the Colorado foothills.  

Here are two that were just getting ready to land.

I also traveled to San Francisco for a quick conference in November.   I was lucky enough to squeeze in a visit to SFMOMA and see the Diego Rivera exhibit.   Did you know that he designed the costumes and the set for a short lived ballet called H.P?  (I believe it had a premier and that was it.)  

That would be the costumes for the characters of “Banana” and “Tobacco.”   How did the dancers even perform in these get-ups?

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Stayed tuned this month to see if any holiday theme emerges.

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