New Year’s Eve, the January Movies & Munchies feature film

I’m hosting for January’s Movies & Munchies.   Please consider joining us.  Just head over to our Facebook page and ask for an invite to join.   Then, post a recipe based on or inspired by the movie.  

January always seems like a let-down month.   I know it marks the beginning of the year with all that renewed hope, vows to do better, yadda, yadda, yadda.   For me, it’s just kind of a depressing.   The holidays are over.  Decorations are put away. The spirit seems lost.  Plus it’s -12 wind chill today and we’re expecting snow.  I guess I’m just in a mood.

Anywhoo.  I really did not know what film to pick but I found these somewhat New Year inspired films to choose from:

Phantom Thread
Bridgett Jones’ Diary
New Year’s Eve

I did enjoy Daniel Day-Lewis’ character in Phantom Thread but  it’s a bit dark and considering my January mood I nixed it.  (Besides, I couldn’t think of anything but mushrooms that might ironically inspire a recipe.)     I ADORED Bridgett Jones’ Diary and almost considered it but we had featured that film back in the Food ‘n Flix days.  That left New Year’s Ever (2011).   

New Year’s Eve has a stellar cast.  In fact, at one point I started to count how many Oscar winners were included in this ensemble.  (By my count, there’s three:  Halle Barry, Robert de Niro, and Hillary Swank plus Common for his Best Original Song win and best actress nominated Abigail Breslin.)

Eight stories weave through this plot, set on New Year’s Ever 2011.
  • A phenom rock star (Jon Bon Jovi) trying to rekindle a broken relationship with a chef (Kathrine Heigl)..
  • A dying man (Robert de Niro) just wants to see the Times Square ball drop one more time.
  • Two sets of expecting parents vie for the New Year’s baby monetary prize (Seth Meyers and Jessica Biel vs. Sarah Paulson and Til Schweiger).
  • A disillusioned secretary (Michelle Pfieffer) enlists a bicycle messenger (Zac Efron) to help her complete a list of resolutions by midnight.
  • A teen (Abigail Breslin) just want her first kiss at midnight but she must get past her overprotective mom (Sarah Jessica Parker).
  • A New Year’s Eve scrooge (Ashton Kutcher) gets stuck in an elevator with a talented back-up singer (Lea Michele).
  • A record mogul (Cherry Jones) and her son (Josh Duhamel) throw a lavish New Year’s Eve bash.
  • The person in charge of the ball drop (Hilary Swank) must face some technical and personal challenges with the help of a NYPD Lieutenant (Ludicris) and a retired technician (Hector Elizondo).

Some of these tales overlap a bit.  While you look for food inspiration, keep a close eye out for cameos, too.

I was expecting something more like Love Actually but you can be the judge.

I’m a little late to the game for the official announcement but I hope you can participate.

I’ll have a post soon on our FB page that you can drop your links into.  Deadline is January 31, 2024.

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