Some funky eateries

We have had a few travels since school was out.   We went to Iowa (via KC) for Memorial Day weekend, we traveled to Houston  (via Dallas) for a family reunion, and I had a conference in OKC.   Here are some funky eating spots that we came across.

Happy Gillis

Kansas City:  Happy Gillis
This was a Yelp top breakfast recommendation and since we had gotten up at 3:00 A.M. this put us in KC in time for breakfast.   Super cool place in the Columbus Park area of Kansas City.

I know this is not the best pic but I wanted to show its quirkiness.   Love the hand-made coffee mugs.

I had the yogurt with homemade granola.   Fabulous!

This rivals the granola parfait I had at Neiman Marcus many years ago. This is top notch!

The Hubs had the The Cello-esque BLT (a BLT with 2 over medium eggs).   Fantastic!

Dallas:  Twisted Root Burger Company

Twisted Root

This is in Deep Ellum, an area we really hadn’t explored.   We stopped in this area twice (going and coming).   Twisted Root was our first eating adventure.

Loved the signage.

Have your money ready and then go away!


Above the exit door. (I have to agree!)

And finally, the burger:

The Spicy Goat – chipotle sauce, goat cheese & bacon

Dallas:   BuzzBrews
We visited this quirky little coffee place/24 hour cafe/bar on our return trip through Dallas.     I had the best black bean turkey sandwich here!

See how many different type of coffee beans?

OKC:   Cattleman’s Steakhouse
This is located in the historic stockyard section of the city.   In fact, while our group was dining here I actually ran into my best friend’s parents who were grabbing a quick bite before they went to see some of their cattle sell.     The house garlic dressing is to die for, as is the small filet, but the pie, the pie, the pie.

Seriously, the pie. This meringue is awesome (and I don’t like meringue).

Cattleman’s has been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and Man vs. Food, and in Southern Living.   But what about the pie?

Hope you add these to your foodie travel list.

Local aside:   We went out last night with the intent to dine at Tavern on Brady,  and ultimately we did do just that.   (You might want to revisit our cooking classes with Chef Grant.)     The burgers were AWESOME as were the wasabi deviled eggs.   In fact, I just got back from the grocery store and wasabi paste mysteriously made it into my cart.

But, before and after our great meal at Tavern on Brady, we visited some new places.   Here is a quick review of them both:

  • Valkyrie(13 E. Brady St., Tulsa, OK):   This brand new, and I mean brand spankin’ new,  place has great potential.  All cocktails are hand crafted—seriously hand crafted.   I mean they make their own grenadine daily.  While we were there, the bartender was making up bottles of simply syrup.    I loved trying to read all the liquers on the shelf behind the bar.    They had fourteen beers on tap, including one of my all time favorites, Ephemere.     We had only found it at one place in bottles  in town (another great little funky place, Fat Guy’s Burgers.)    But, this place actually had it on tap.  The only issue we had at Valkyrie was just some learning curve kind of problems.     There was only one bartender (who was also trying to do prep work) to handcraft each cocktail.    He did not have all the recipes memorized so he was having to refer to recipes constantly.   This made service a bit slow.   The atmosphere has great potential, but apparently we were the only people in the bar that did not hang out together on a regular basis.     I hate to add this, but we were also the oldest couple in the bar!  🙂    (Great time people watching, btw!) We will return to see how everything plays out.
  • Gypsy Coffee House:   We ended our evening here.   Although I had referenced this establishment during a previous post, it had been a really long time since we had been there.   Since we were in the mood for some more great people watching,  we decided to take a walk after dinner from the Tavern and have some coffee.   The place was packed and an acoustic artist was playing (with maybe a bit too much angst but it was still entertaining).    Might I suggest the Hot Cinnamon Ramone for a great after dinner coffee drink—super sweet with lots of whipped cream!  Perfect!


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