David Kamp is my friend….

I was lucky enough in May to win a round at Cooks the Books.   We had just read United States of Arugula and posted recipes inspired by David Kamp’s book.     Long story short, I based my post on my mortification that I might have gone through life not knowing the pleasures of goat cheese and I featured some truly delicious and divine smoked chevre.     (For the original post and recipe, click here.   For my winning post announcement, click here.)

Well, Kamp liked my goat cheese post even though he said that my food photo was quite unappetizing:

Probably the least aesthetically pleasing of the entries, looking, in its final state, like something removed from a patient rushed into emergency surgery after collapsing in abdominal pain. But this was the recipe that I read and thought “Good god, this is something I must try as soon as I am able!”

Not only did Kamp judge our posts for CTB, he also sent the winner some of his books.   Since that was me, I was thrilled to see a FedEx box on the porch this week.  Kamp was kind enough to send me three personalized autographed books along with a short note.

I am flying high right now.

I think I will go make some smoked goat cheese and hopefully it will be more appetizing than “something removed from a patient rushed into emergency surgery”!  🙂

Thank you, Mr. Kamp.

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