Advent Calendar: Making paper bells

This isn’t a Gift from the Kitchen, but we did make it in the kitchen.   That counts, right?

When the in-laws were here for Thanksgiving, my mother-in-law and I got so bored with the 24/7 football that was blaring in the living room, we found a project.    She was wanting to make paper ornaments for her tree this year and we started searching Pinterest for ideas.

We found a great origami type ornament to make and that morphed into us making an Advent calendar for the nieces (her granddaughters).

We had a fun time making these little bells and filling them with small treats.   I did get it shipped on time and I hope the nieces appreciate the time it took to make 25 paper bells!

These are easy to make and for a tutorial, click here.

We used scrapbook paper in hues of hot pink, greens, and browns.     We tied them up using hot pink organza ribbon, tying each bell to a length of light green tulle ribbon.

The swag.

Each bell held tiny items: foam Christmas stickers, jingle bells, Hershey kisses, etc.

I’m hoping the girls can hang this on their banister.

The Christmas Day bell is the largest and holds two ornaments with their names on them.

You know, if you aren’t real crafty, you could do the same thing with miniature Chinese take-out containers.   Plus, they would hold a lot more treats.

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