Stacks and stacks of magazines

Well, we finally have a vacation coming up soon and it will be a week’s worth of relaxation.    Taking a week off away from home is a novelty for us.   Usually, we say that four days of visiting a place is long enough.   That said, we totally enjoyed our six days in Santa Fe over Christmas a couple of years ago.

If we are going to KC, a weekend is great.   Dallas?   Love it for a couple of days.   Hot Springs?   Yep, two days is great.   Chicago?   Had a great four day trip.

We love the short getaways because we can take more of them.   (Hmmm….Note to self, when was the last time we really got away with just the two of us?     I will have to check, but I think it might have been that NM trip in 2010.)

But, I digress.

We will be house sitting for some friends that have a beautiful little cottage on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees (or simply “Grand” as we Okies call it).    It sets right on the water in a serene little cove.        (We did this a couple of summers ago and even though we both had to drive back and forth to our jobs from there, which was a pain, we enjoyed the solitude and quietude of the lake.)    This year, I will not have to go to work.   I can sit on my butt and read.

So why is the title of this post “Stacks and stacks of magazines”?

Because that is what I am taking with me.


I am starting with this stack.


I will probably take these too.


One basket.


Two baskets. (These are really old.)


Three baskets. (And a James Beard book thrown in for good measure.)

I am sure The Hubs will think I am crazy for doing this, but I really need to go through these.   They are all foodie mags if you were wondering.  🙂    I think I may have a foodie mag hording problem.

I hope there is a recycling dumpster close by somewhere.

I am off to the lake…to read, relax, and rejuvenate.

I will close with my homage to “Lake Life” which I originally posted in 2011.

Lake Life:

Flip flops are the shoes of choice, but footwear is entirely optional.

Bathing also seems to be optional for some.  (It is more acceptable the more times you jump in the lake.)

Naps are not only necessary, they are required.  Sleeping in is also not frowned upon.

Shaving is optional (for both sexes).

Cooking is casual.   No five course meals.   Salads, sandwiches, popsicles!

There is NO schedule.

Adult beverages are partaken often because “it’s five o’clock somewhere.”

Everybody waves.

And, “The Lazy Song” must be on the Ipod (along with any and all Jimmy Buffet).



(Abigail, don’t worry, I didn’t forget your flower for today.

2013-07-04 14.06.22

Beautiful Calla Lillies (again from my mom’s garden). She truly has a green thumb.

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