Cherry-Sriracha Cocktail

During my time at the lake this summer and my magazine reading marathon, I saw an ad for Texas Pete hot sauce and a cocktail recipe.    I decided that it sounded interesting and that a cherry-sriracha cocktail might just be an interesting combo.  (We love sriracha.)   I saved this recipe then to use in a later post.   Today is the day.


Cherry-Sriracha Cocktail (2 cocktails or mocktails)
Based on Texas Pete Chipotle Cherry Margarita

1 c. frozen dark sweet cherries
2 oz. 100% agave Resposado Tequila (optional for mocktails)
1 oz. honey-water or simple syrup(To make honey-water,  mix equal parts honey and boiling water.   Let cool.)
1 oz. lime juice
1 1/2 t. Sriracha
1 c. crushed ice

Place everything in a blender and process it until icee-creaminess is achieved.

2013-07-26 17.09.36

Icee creaminess.

Garnish with more cherries if desired.


2013-07-26 17.14.29

If you are using another variety of cherries vs. dark sweet cherries, you may want to adjust the amount of honey water used.    You’ll notice the original recipe from Texas Pete suggests 1/4 cup.    I did not need that much sweetener with these cherries.

In hindsight, you could absolutely add a fresh jalapeno in this drink too.   In fact, The Hubs was convinced there was jalapenos in it until I told him it was sriracha.

Everyone knows what I mean by Icee consisitency, right?


 Icee, the drink of summer.

2013-07-26 17.15.37

It is about the only drink that causes me to pause at Target when I am ordering a trenta green tea from Tenbucks.    Hmmm, or should I have a white cherry-coke icee.    (Usually, the tea wins, but I remember Icees fondly from my youth.)

Again, I digress.

This drink is very nearly a dessert and would make an interesting frozen popsicle or granita.    Let me know if you try one or the other (or all three).  🙂


Abigail, I am getting far away from sending you virtual flowers.   I have sent you pictures of ducks, turtles, cats, spiders, toad stools, lady bugs, and even the wiener mobile.


2013-05-18 14.27.36

I snapped this during the Art Car parade last May. Crazy.

Today I am sending you a picture of a banana car!

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