An Adventure

We did something crazy this weekend.    Really unusual for us.

We love to go hear  live music.   Most often it is in an intimate setting like All Soul’s Coffee House in Tulsa or even a house concert.      And Tulsa boasts two of the best small venue locations:   Cains and Brady Theater.

We have done some big arena concerts like Bob Seger  at BOK (for The Hubs) and a couple of outdoor concerts (Blues Travelers at Grinders and Bonnie Raitt at the Zoo Amphitheater—again for The Hubs).

I am making it sound like we are major concert goers and we really aren’t (even though my sister and I seem to add a few more to this list like Bruce Springsteen and the Woody Guthrie Centennial Concert).

It is rare for us to go.   Especially to a two day outdoor concert in 100 degree heat.

Yep, we scored tickets to Gentleman of the Road–the Guthrie Stopover.    I heart Mumford and Sons.    I can sing along to almost all the songs.   I got the opportunity to do that this weekend.

Some of our friends who let us tag along to the All Soul’s Coffee House had two extra tickets.   We snatched them up.

2013-09-06 18.15.23

The adventure begins. Arriving on Day One. Not too big of a crowd YET.

Our two day passport/ticket introduced us to a lot of new music and allowed us to hear Marcus and the boys.   (I will really try hard not to sound like a teenage girl fan.)

We were late getting away Friday even though we both took a half day off at work so we didn’t walk into Cottonwood Flats (the venue) until around 6:00, about the time that Willy Mason was playing.   (Liked him a lot.)    Then, Justin Townes Earle took the stage.  (Liked him a lot.)

2013-09-06 19.00.37

We started out almost stage center. Justin Townes Earle

Next came Phosphorescent.   (Wasn’t a big fan.)     The headliner for the evening was Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.     (Not bad at all.)

2013-09-06 19.48.31

Dusk: Day One

There was camping available but we headed out late in the night to set up camp at the Colcord.  🙂

Let’s talk about the weather.    I know it is September, but it is Oklahoma.     I think we had some of our hottest days on September 6-7.     We arrived late enough on Friday that we were able to find some shade.

Saturday–bluntly put—it was freakin’ hotter than Hades.

The Hubs and I set up our blanket around 1:00 on Saturday (after walking around the charming downtown Guthrie area.   Kudos and many shout-outs to the town.   They did this up right.)

There was no hope getting under the four large elm trees at the venue so we positioned the blanket in a spot that would receive some shade in the late afternoon/early evening.    Our friends arrived to join us and we began to sweat.    I have lived in Oklahoma since I was three years old.   I know about the heat and humidity.

It was freakin’ hot.

More about Alabama Shakes (awesome) and Mumford & Sons (unbelievably awesome) tomorrow.

Oh, yeah.   I might talk some more about the heat.


14 comments to An Adventure

  • Ugh hotter than hades days are the worst! It’s 30 here as well and only spring… :S
    But the music sounds fun and got to love being spontaneous!

    Choc Chip Uru

  • What fun! Sorry it was so hot there! I need to send you our cooler weather. We’ve definitely moved into fall here which is nice because they are having a similar little event in our neighborhood park this weekend. Can’t wait!

  • Thanks for sharing the pictures, it looks fun! Sorry to hear about the heat, i know how it feels.. here’s to hoping for some cooling down!

  • I know about hot temperatures, believe me! But the festival looks like a lot of fun!

  • Taking On Magazines

    Good music can definitely trump heat in my book. It sounds like you had that…and as long as you had water and beer, all was good. In my younger days, I saw many of the greats; U2, the Stones, Bob Seger, Elton John, Aerosmith, etc., etc. Now days I have a have a hard time with the punk crowds at those concerts. I can handle the music and loudness, it’s the drunken (and stoned) stupidity that’s pushed me away. Instead, Hubby and I have being going to comedy shows. Better behaved crowds and we cry til we just about pee our pants. It’s a win/win in my book. 🙂

    • Of course there were a few who had partaken to much of drink and we smelled a lot of interesting aromas, there was nobody that was truly obnoxious. I hate to sound all “peace and love” but it was a happy crowd and the residents of Guthrie were fantastic! (I think it would be great to hit some comedy clubs too.) I am envious you saw U2!

  • Oh my goodness, Debra, what a freakin’ awesome time! I can’t wait to read more about it. I have never been to Oklahoma but lived in Kansas for a short period (way back in the early eighties) and it gets pretty hot in the plains states. Good for you guys for sticking it out. It’s always fun to do something different like this. But I would have been a total baby about the heat

  • That was the hottest weekend to date I think but at least the Colcord was nice – I’ve been there “camping” before!