Taos for Fall Break

Last week was Fall Break for most Oklahoma schools.  It was much needed after the first quarter.  School has been quite good this year (hope I am not jinxing myself) but I definitely needed a getaway.  We both needed it.  In fact we both left work a wee bit early on Wednesday so we could at least make Amarillo for the night with our ultimate goal being Taos.

Interesting overnight in Amarillo—my cheap $44 find on Expedia was actually pretty entertaining.  When we entered the lobby at 10:30 p.m.,  there was a white-haired rhinestone cowboy playing his electric guitar to a singing track.    He provided us some entertainment as we tiredly waited to get checked in.   Then there was the room decor…I felt like we were staying in Miss Kitty’s boudoir.   It was nice and clean though.  🙂

Our goal the next morning was to hit Santa Fe for lunch and a brew.  The Hubs loves Marble Brewery and he was so disappointed to find that the Santa Fe tap room closed.   At least there was Duel.  (Besides, I love their menu so it was a win-win.)

I have written about Duel before and our last trip to Santa Fe here.  We arrived for lunch and settled in with my favorite green chili hummus, some great Belgian brews, and a delicious curried chicken waffle sandwich.  (And, thanks to their Wi-Fi, I was able to finish a state report that was due that day.)


Duel Brewing’s curried chicken salad inside waffles

If you ever get the chance to dine here, make sure you order something “waffled” so you can get a side of their  Imperial Syrup.   I could drink this stuff.

In the same industrial park area where Duel is located, we ran across this interesting character:


I think that he had made a previous appearance at The Paseo last month in Taos.

After our filling meal and our brief stop in Santa Fe, we headed to Taos to check into our little casita.


We rented this property, located in the historic La Loma Plaza for our three night visit in Taos.


We checked in and promptly took a nap.  🙂


We then checked out the rest of our little casita.

The kitchen area:


The living area:


And the private back patio:


There were chickens lowly clucking on the property behind us.  It was so relaxing.  (The property also has a shared hot tub just beyond our fence.)

La Loma Plaza is only a short walk from The Plaza and most other places of interest.   There is a grocery store within walking distance and The Harwood Museum and the Black Mesa Winery Tasting Room were basically just across the street.

As the sun set on our first day in Taos, we set out for our favorite brew pub:  Eske’s  (pronounced es-kees).  Eske’s is a quaint neighborhood-locals type establishment.   I think we and one other couple might have been the only outsiders but we were certainly welcomed.  No photos but I will tell you that the mashed potatoes were outstanding (those that accompanied The Hubs brat sandwich) and I had the best vegetarian green chili stew.  (I am working on replicating this now.  When I have it perfected, I will post about it but I am having problems getting Eske’s creamy consistency.)   I also loved the sour cherry cider here.

Stay tuned for more about our visit.  You know there will be good food involved!



La Loma Plaza was definitely a cat-friendly community!





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