Hiking the Rim at Rio Grande Gorge

View from the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, New Mexico.

View from the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, New Mexico.

On our first full day in Taos, we decided to visit the Rio Grande Gorge.  This area, about ten miles from Taos, boasts some beautiful views, from the rim and above from the bridge, the seventh highest bridge in the U.S.

We had heard from many, including our hosts at Mabel’s Casita, that we must hike the rim of the spectacular gorge.


The trail, which is super flat and an easy hike, goes on for about nine miles.   We hiked about three miles of it.


As I said, super flat (unless you stumble into the canyon).

20151016_101952But, the views are spectacular.

20151016_102443We met one gregarious hiker from Taos who told us she hiked this every morning.

20151016_102746How lucky is she?

20151016_103248Really, I am not afraid of heights….

20151016_104613I really think I could have kept walking the entire trail.

20151016_105316It was so peaceful, remote, serene, relaxing, inspiring, beautiful…

20151016_104710The only wildlife we saw on the trail were a few furry tarantulas and a lizard or two.   Our new hiking friend, however, told us that she had seen an entire heard of bighorn sheep descend the east rim one morning.

20151016_115740We didn’t see them on our hike, but we did spot some ewes and lambs by the highway as we drove away.  (We did see lots of scat on the trail, though.)

Besides the great views, you can also snag some interesting souvenirs by the gorge bridge.

20151016_114453You can browse through everything from drums, leather work, jewelry, pottery, wood carvings, teas and spices.   We nabbed a great chip carving piece from the artist, some “authentic” pottery, and some marvelous, marvelous “salsa brava” spices that I am trying to dissect so I can make my own.

Stay tuned for my next post regarding a fun brewery/eatery/venue on the way back from the gorge.


6 comments to Hiking the Rim at Rio Grande Gorge

  • I had no idea that area existed. It’s been years since I’ve been to Taos and have just put it on the list of “places to go”. I’d love to do a Santa Fe, Taos trip soon and will make sure I hit this trail. Those darn tarantulas … don’t know why they can’t stay in their holes. 🙂

  • You really captured the gorge rim in those pictures! That’s a great hike! When I was young and healthy I walked to the river and back. My husband still does it when he fishes the gorge. He complains for the next 3 days, but he says its worth it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing a little bit of New Mexico with your readers!

  • Thank you for sharing pictures from places I may never be able to visit! Looks like a fun trip!

  • kitchenriffs

    I’ve never been to Taos — definitely need to go. And what a great hike! I’d love to do that. Wonderful pictures and post — thanks so much.

  • mae

    Impressive photos!

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