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Well, we are ready to go back.

In fact, we’re trying to figure out when we can return and are looking at the next holiday break.

This is a total hodgepodge wrap-up of mostly leftover photos from our Fall Break Trip to NM (and perhaps a few reviews of some interesting and delicious stops along the way).

We stayed our first night in New Mexico at the Historic Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, NM.   The rest of the week, we rented a lovely casita about five miles east of Taos.

This was the view from the back patio.   The casita was actually attached to the owner’s main residence but it seemed like we were in the middle of nowhere.

You can just make out a lovely trout pond in the back.  Beware:  These are pets and have names.  No fishing allowed.  But, we did enjoy afternoons of feeding the fish and watching their frenzy.

Beyond the pond was a lovely creek and over the creek was a half mile hike up the mountain (still on property).  It was steep, but the owners had created a switch-back trail that was easily marked and nicely maintained.

The hike was a great way to get started each morning.

They kept the bird feeders stocked for us and we were treated to lots of sightings of stellar jays, scrub jays, magpies, juncos, and many others.   We were told that it was not unusual to see a bear or two.  (We saw none.)



The casita was a great location and the owners were unobtrusive yet helpful.  They are the ones that put us onto the forest road drive and some other area hikes.

(If you would like more information about this property, shoot me an email or comment below and I can send you the information.)

View from the casita hike downward.


At the property’s edge.


In the forest, this looked like a Yin Yang symbol. (Not so much in the photo.)

Thanks for tagging along.

Here at EE, we are gearing up for the holidays and I know you will find it unbelievable, but there’s a NM slant to that as well.  (Imagine that).

If you’re interested about some of our other stops in NM, you can check them out below.

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Sorry about all the “must-dos.”  🙂

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