Voodoo Grog (or a Froggy Princess Cocktail)

Gotta love Disney!

Welcome to the October feature film for Food ‘n FlixThe Princess and the Frog.  Heather at All Roads Lead to the Kitchen is hosting. (And, we’re mighty glad to have you back, Heather!)

Since it’s just The Hubs and I, we don’t watch animated movies very often.  In fact, since the nephews are now almost too old for such viewing, the only animated films I see are those for Food ‘n Flix.   (Thanks for that!)   The last one was Coco.

The setting for The Princess and the Frog is New Orleans, circa 1920.   The film begins with Tiana, the main character, as a child.   She may be a culinary prodigy and when she announces to the whole neighborhood,  “Hey, everybody, I made gumbo,” everyone comes running.   (A bit more Tabasco, might be needed, however.)

Her wise, hard working and loving father teachers her that food brings people together:  “Ya know the thing about good food…it brings folks together from all walks of life…It warms them right up and puts little smiles on their faces.”

Flash forward to Tiana as an adult, working hard as a waitress.   She saves all her money for her dream, opening a restaurant/club in New Orleans.

Enter a mysterious foreign prince, some voodoo, true love and good ol’ New Orleans cuisine:

  • Beignets with honey and lots of powdered sugar at Duke’s
  • Flap jacks and other diner food
  • “Man-catchin’ beignets!”
  • Cakes and pastries and desserts for “I’m Almost There” number
  • Wine and champagne and more “Man-catchin’ beignets!”
  • Frog Leg Sauce Piquante
  • Pumpkins in the swamp
  • Crawfish in Rémoulade sauce
  • Bananas foster
  • Swamp gumbo (minced mushrooms, okra, pumpkin kettle)
  • Mama Odie’s magical  bathtub concoction (with a couple of shots of Tabasco)

As with any Disney animation, there’s lots of vivid imagery playing over and over in my mind.   The bottles hanging from Mama Odie’s tree house reminds me of this art installation I saw in New Orleans.

Message of Remembrances by Mitchell Gaudet, 2010, at The Presbytere (New Orleans)

I know I am probably the only one that could compare an animated Disney film to Live and Let Die (for the voodoo)…

The Voodoo guy from Live and Let Die

and Lord of the Rings (for the Shadows)…

Ring Wraiths from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy

but I am doing it.   I really thought there were a lot of similarities with these dark images.


On a lighter note, I saw references to  all the Disney princess movies, The Jungle Book (Louis the alligator and Mama Odie’s snake), and the Warner Brother’s cartoons (singing frog).

(Old school recollection….I digress…)

That all being said, the idea of The Princess and the Frog is great—the final product?  This probably isn’t my favorite Disney film.   It was fun and a good pick for the October round though.

Speaking of October, I decided to make a Voodoo cocktail for Halloween.   (Yes, Disney inspired a cocktail.)

Forgive my flaking Dia de Muerto’s glassware. Apparently it wasn’t dishwasher safe. 🙁

Voodoo Grog (or a Froggy Princess Cocktail)

Based on Voodoo Priestess Cocktail


  • 6 mint leaves, crushed
  • 2 oz. mango juice
  • 1 oz. simple syrup
  • 1/2 oz. anisette liqueur
  • 2 oz. vodka
  • splash of grenadine


  1. Place mint leaves in a glass.   Add mango juice and simple syrup.
  2. Fill glass with ice and add vodka and anisette liqueur.
  3. Stir gently to blend.
  4. Add the grenadine and garnish with more mint, if desired.

Use to ward off evil spirits or to give you courage before you kiss your frog.

This is a very sweet cocktail so adjust the simple syrup accordingly.   I like the addition of the annisette which will just cause you enough pause to ask “What is that flavor?”  The grenadine settles to the bottom for a voodooish level of color.


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(All of these cocktails were inspired by other Food ‘n Flix films.)


Heather is also joining forces with Fandom Foodies which is celebrating all things spooky and Grimm.   I am linking up there as well.


Next month A Man Called Ove is the feature. (Wendy at  A Day in the Life on the Farm is hosting.)  Please join us for this classic film based on a classic novel.




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