Uncorked and Movies & Munchies Round-Up

I wanted to post this round-up prior to July 4th because of the good BBQ (and other recipes) that would be perfect for the holiday table.

Movies & Munchies is a group of film foodies that looks for culinary inspiration on the screen.  For June, I hosted Uncorked.  (You can read the announcement post here.)  

The plot of the movie revolves around Elijah, a young man who is fascinated by wine.  He must balance his dream of becoming a master sommelier with his father’s expectations that he carry on the family’s Memphis BBQ joint.  I loved the good-natured juxtaposition of these two world’s that Elijah journeys through.  It’s a family drama but not without some family humor (even though there is a loss).

I also loved Elijah’s refreshing way of explaining the differences between a Chardonnay (the granddaddy of wine) and a riesling and a pinot grigio.

  • Chardonnay—”the Jay-Z of wine”
  • Pinot Grigio–“Kanye West”
  • Rieslings –“Drake”

That just makes sense.

Keep reading to see what others thought about the film plus some delicious food inspired by Uncorked.

We have a couple of members who I consider oenophiles themselves, and Culinary Cam is one of them.  Thanks to her for finding a list of all of the wines in the movie!  Cam also revisited a lot of wines and her pairings so please check out her post.  Her featured wine and food for this event was Penfolds Bin 600 Cabernet-Shiraz with Roasted Brisket.

Wendy at A Day in the Life on a Farm featured a BBQ sauce that she revamped after watching the film.  She made a vinegar based sauce like one you might find in Memphis.  The movie grew on her and she found the wine angle intriguing:

I found it especially interesting because I had no idea what was involved in becoming a sommelier, let alone a Master Sommelier.  It is likened to taking the bar exam.  Very few people are able to pass the test the first time through.  It is rigorous and punishing and I quickly understood why there are less than 250 Master Sommeliers in the world…..that amazes me.
Has anyone tried to make BBQ with wine?  Just wondering….


Amy was a bit underwhelmed by the film but found lots of food inspiration.
Ultimately it was mama’s home cooking where I took my inspiration. There was often ham, turkey, greens, and monkey bread on the huge family spreads.  I decided to finally try my hand at Monkey Bread.
She mentions monkey bread made with canned biscuit dough (which I remember fondly from my youth) but she made hers from scratch!  Check out her recipe and review at Amy’s Cooking Adventures.
I had high hopes for my Movies & Munchies post but it just didn’t happen like I had planned.  Instead I copped out and searched the archives for BBQ and sides that would complement.  Here’s what I found:  my own favorite BBQ sauce recipe, baked beans, and a fruit salad.  
You can check out these recipes for Happy Indepence Day BBQ Sauce, Cannellini Baked Beans and Watermelon Fruit Salad with Mango, Blackberries and Basil on my movie review post (along with a list of foods and some of the wine from the film).


I hope you have a festive weekend and find some inspiration here.
Feel free to jump over to Facebook and join our merry band of cooks.   Our July feature is Encanto.  Amy is hosting.  The announcement is up and I hope you can join us.

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