Eating Out Locally

We were fortunate enough to visit Local Table, a restaurant in Tulsa, OK, before the Anthony Bourdain extravaganza this weekend. They seem to have a rotating menu that revolves around what they can obtain from the local farmers’ market.

This place has a really casual vibe, but a really eclectic crowd. Sitting near us were . . . → Read More: Eating Out Locally

KC Restaurants

We were recently in Kansas City (I love this town!) and visited a couple of new eateries. A friend of a friend knows the owner of Garozzo’s so we decided to try it. We went to the original location in Columbus Park and as promised in the friend’s recommendation, it was just like The Sopranos. . . . → Read More: KC Restaurants

More Birmingham

We stumbled upon ArtWalk 2009. I love it when we just happen upon local events like this.

We sought out some local restaurants and eateries like J. Clyde’s where we tried Good People beer on tap. We also found “The Original” Pancake House , a great place for a Sunday morning late breakfast. Plan to . . . → Read More: More Birmingham


Just got back from Taos. A potentially great trip was dampened by the fact that our family pet was deathly ill and at the vet for the entire week we were traveling. We did try to enjoy ourselves in between dire phone calls from the vet. The good news is that our little pet did . . . → Read More: Taos

Santa Fe

“My pleasant disposition likes the world with nobody in it.” –Georgia O’Keefe (Life, March 1, 1968)

I copied down this quote from the Life article on O’Keefe that was on display in the Georgia O’Keefe Museum in Santa Fe. We traveled their in October 2008. It was my second trip and my husband’s first. We . . . → Read More: Santa Fe