Peach “Sleep Over” Oatmeal

Let this set in the fridge over night to “sleep over.”   You will have a perfect summer breakfast in a jar (made even better by using summer’s ripest peaches).

I found recipes for refrigerator oatmeal at The Yummy Life quite some time ago.   I had it printed out and in a piled up heap of papers in the kitchen.   But, have I told you I recently found Pinterest?    N0?   I am addicted.

I went through my pile of blog print-outs and posted pinned everything.    Now, if I could just get enthused about tweeting and FB.    🙂

So, I was reminded about this recipe and wanted to try it with fresh peaches.

Fresh Peach “Over Night” Oatmeal
Adapted from The Yummy Life

1/4 c. uncooked old fashioned rolled oats
1/3 c.  2% organic milk
1/4 c.  low fat vanilla yogurt
1-1/2 t. dried chia seeds (or flax seeds)
1/4 t.  almond extract
1/4 c. peach, peeled and diced

In a half pint jar or container, add oats, milk, yogurt, chia or flax seeds, and almond extract.   Put lid on jar and shake until well combined.   Add peaches and stir with fork until mixed throughout.   Return lid to jar and refrigerate overnight or up to 2 days.

A few ingredients.

You may need to stir again before eating.   Serve chilled right out of the jar.

Super good.

The Hubs does not have a fondness for yogurt and he likes this!    This is a great breakfast to enjoy while we are sitting on the patio in the mornings, listening to the bees buzz, spotting the occasional hummingbird, and watching the rabbits chase each other.   In other words, it is the perfect summer breakfast.

It is also a great way to use our white peaches that we are now picking off our own tree.

Our white peach tree.

We are picking one or two a day so this is a perfect recipe to utilize them.

…or three.

I still have a few more Peach-palooza posts!

Please check out The Yummy Life.   There are many fantastic recipes and flavors for this breakfast in a jar.

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