Avocado-Lime Popsicles

I have been using lots of unsweetened coconut, coconut oil and avocados lately.   None of these things are local but I love them just the same.

For Kim at Liv Life, at least one of these incredible ingredients is local and highly available:   avocados.    I was recently blown over by her coconut-avocado frozen yogurt and my mother-in-law and I made Kim’s recipe (verbatim) during the Memorial Day weekend.   It is delicious and I encourage you to make it as soon as you are able!

Last year, Heather at Girlichef hosted “Summer of the Popsicle” and she had invited me to participate with my Jalapeno-Watermelon Pops.     While I was perusing her site during the recent Food ‘n Flix postings, I noticed that the “Summer of the Popsicle” had returned.   My recipe-adapting mind kicked into gear.

Long story short (finally), I found inspiration for this recipe from these two great bloggers.

My intent was to use Kim’s recipe but a number of things happened.

  1. I wanted to freeze something immediately for dessert that night and I didn’t want to wait for the custard to cool.  (Kim’s recipe has a cooked custard base.)
  2. I had no coconut milk in the pantry (which is a main ingredient in Kim’s luscious frozen yogurt).

I still wanted popsicles for dessert, dang it!

Here is my pantry-lacking adaptation.   (I also added honey instead of refined sugar.)

Avocado-Lime Popsicles

1/2 c. coconut water (I used Goya.)
6 oz. non-fat, plain Greek yogurt (I used Greek Gods plain yogurt.)
1 “firm ripe” avocado, cubed*
1 T. lemon zest
1 T. fresh lemon juice
1 T. lime zest
2 T. fresh lime juice
1/3 c. local honey

Put this all in a food processor and blend until smooth.    This makes about 14 oz.    Pour into molds and freeze until firm.

*”Firm ripe” means somewhere in between just being soft to the touch and squishy, guacamole ready avocados.


One of the best things about this recipe is all the citrus zest.


Two things here:

  1. This picture does not do the color justice.
  2. That is not a “firm ripe” avocado in this picture.  It is a dead ripe,  needing-to-be-used prop.

I filled 6 of my popsicle molds.   I absolutely think you could swap out the coconut water and use coconut milk—that is if your pantry is better stocked than mine.   And, I have to add that this makes a pretty darn good smoothie!


Please check out Heather’s “Summer of the Popsicle”.  (I have already pinned many of these.)

Summer of the Popsicle 2


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