Whiskey Cherry Smashes

I created this cocktail (or actually modified an existing recipe) to toast the beginning of Spring Break.  (I teased you a bit regarding this debut on the Chorizo Wedge Salad post.)

Christy at Culinary Diva reminded me recently of a cocktail recipe that fell into oblivion in the archives of EE.   Christy recently highlighted “The Muddler” during March’s Blogger C.L.U.E. event.  Thank you, Christy,  for reminding me about this cocktail.

I wanted to create something a bit different to celebrate a week off from school.

Whiskey Cherry Smash from Eliot's Eats

Enter Whiskey Cherry Smashes:

Whiskey Cherry Smashes

6 frozen sweet cherries
1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
2 oz. whiskey (I used Jameson.)
ice cubes
splash of ginger ale

Smash cherries in the bottom of a cocktail shaker.  Add lime juice, whiskey and ice.   Strain into cocktail glasses and add a splash of ginger ale.

For a tarter cocktail, skip the ginger ale.


Here’s to no night-time school activities.

Whiskey Cherry Smash from Eliot's Eats

Here’s to no phone calls about broken down buses.

Whiskey Cherry Smash from Eliot's Eats

Here’s to not assigning detentions and in-school.



Let the relaxation begin!

Whiskey Cherry Smash from Eliot's Eats

(Since Jameson Irish Whiskey is being used, these could be the perfect cocktail, albeit not a green one, to welcome St. Patrick’s Day.)

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