Pineapple Confit Infused Rum for Burnt (Food ‘n Flix)

It’s nearing the end of the month, so it must be time for Food ‘n Flix.

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Caroline Makes is hosting Burnt for November.


We saw Burnt in November of last year at our local independent movie theater.  It was a special event for members and featured nibbles, wine and opening comments about the film by a local chef.

When we got there, all of the hors-d’oeuvres had been gobbled up but there was lots of wine left.   We partook of the free wine, grabbed some popcorn and went in to watch the film.

I don’t remember a whole lot about the film .  (Could it have been the free wine?)  I do remember Bradley Cooper looked as hot as possible, that he was trying to overcome a past event, and that he was an angry chef dedicated to his art.  Since then, I honestly get part of this plot confused with bits of The Hundred Foot Journey and No Reservations.

We did eat a late night meal at Burger King after the film though.  I do remember that vividly.



I obviously was happy to revisit the film at home when I could pay a bit more attention.  🙂

Adam Jones is a conflicted, driven, and self-centered chef.   There are lots of hints as to his past including how he treated friends and colleagues (badly) and how he self-destructed.

There is also lots of evidence on just how dedicated Jones is to his craft.  He wants to perfect perfection.  He wants to make food that people stop eating; he wants to make food that makes people “sick with longing.”

The opening of Burnt shows Jones in London wrangling to regain his chef-god status and obtain the mythical 3-Michelin star.   One of his proteges describes him as the Rolling Stone of chefs trying to become Yoda.

The plot moves quickly.  In little time we see Jones shucking his 1,000,000th oyster in New Orleans (part of his self-imposed penance) to assembling a hodgepodge culinary the opening of Adam Jones at The Langham.

The food was flying (literally) fast and furious so it was hard to keep up with all the haute cuisine.  As seems to be a recent trend with me and my FnF posts, I present another booze-laden recipe.  This infusion is based on Pain Perdu with Pineapple and Coconut (from the Official Burnt Movie Cookbook).  I was inspired by the recipe found here.

Pineapple Confit Cocktail

Pineapple Confit Infusion

1 fresh pineapple
1 vanilla pod, split
2 limes, juiced
750 ml coconut rum
3 oz. honey

Chop pineapple into about 1-inch chunks.  Place pineapple, vanilla pod, and lime juice in a large jar.  (I used a half-gallon jar.)

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Whisk together honey and about a cup of the rum.   (It’s easier if you heat the honey a bit to make it thinner.)  Pour honey mixture and the remaining rum into jar.  Seal jar with a tight fitting lid and store in refrigerator for 10 days.  Shake every day while the mixture is infusing.

Remove pineapple and strain rum through a mesh strainer back into a smaller jar or bottle; seal and refrigerate.   (After making a couple of cocktails, I poured the mixture back in the original coconut-rum bottle.  It was full.)

One important note:  DO NOT TOSS the pineapple.   Use the rum-laden fruit to snack on or actually throw it in a cobbler with a bit of butter.   Delish!  For a simple cobbler recipe, click here.  Warning:  It is a very rum-laden cobbler.  I suggest cutting the cobbler with some other fruit like blackberries.

You can serve this cocktail straight up with a bit of toasted coconut mixed with brown sugar on the rim.    If you like, you can cut the drink with a bit of tonic water (about half and half is a good start).


I realize that doing a booze recipe is a bit ironic considering Cooper’s character is a recovering-from-everything addict.   I also  realized last month with my FnF posting for Beetlejuice that I have done more cocktails for my FnF posts than any other food “group.”

Why is that?  Hmmmm…..

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