“In My Kitchen” April 2024

Sorry.  I just skipped March’s IMK.  I thought about it a few times. Then I just never got around to doing one.  I hate to miss so I’ve been planning this April post for some time.  I’m not sure that there’s really anything new and innovative, but here goes.

I’m still on my cookbook review theme. One of my favorites was Molly Baz’ latest, More is MoreIt’s hilarious and delicious.

Crick Crack was a recipe I had bookmarked to make.  These little crunchy appetizers are truly crack-like (in a good way). I used half Parm and half sharp cheddar with cumin and coriander. I want to make them again soon and try Za’atar.  (For the full review of the cookbook, click here.) 

These are more than just a melted cheese cracker. The addition of chopped raw nuts (plus the spices) really puts these Crick-Cracks over the top!

I posted my first cookbook review of 2024 on April 1. You can see that post for Come Hungry by Melissa Ben-Ishay here

I also bottled the first kombucha to come out of the kitchen in a long while.  I’m trying some curried-lime ones (or Bengali Gimlet ones).I’m not sure of the name yet. And, I’m not sure on the taste yet either. I should know soon after the second fermentation takes place.  (I used a couple of oz. of Curried Nectar and about 4 oz. of lime juice.)

The next batch is already brewing.


Beyond that, I have a lot of things that will  be in my kitchen.

The tomatoes are are coming along in the green house.

I’ve had a lot of herbs overwinter like my tarragon (which I’ve already harvested and used in deviled eggs)…

bronze fennel…


and lavender…

Please don’t judge. I have not cleaned out the herb garden or pruned anything.

We also have onions planted and some radishes coming up.


I’m not sure really where March went.  I did travel to Missouri to see my dad and did some great day-tripping with my best friend and goddaughter. One day we visited The Outsiders house in Tulsa. (
Read Debra K.‘s review of The Outsiders House Museum on Yelp)

The last weekend in March was a thespian themed one. We got to see Richard Thomas in Aaron Sorkin’s To Kill a Mockingbird. I know some of the reviews for this adaptation have been less than stellar but we enjoyed it. And, the “child” actors were stellar. The next night we had free tickets to The Drunkard, a temperance-themed play that has been performed since 1952 (the longest continuously running play in the U.S.). The setting is a small, intimate, art deco classic building. While it was truly community theater hilarious, I loved the setting.

It’s a great Art Deco gem.

Sorry for the segue, but the last section of this post was obviously my curveball.

I’m linking up with Sherry’s PickingsSherry hosts “In My Kitchen” which allows us glimpses in kitchens around the world.




8 comments to “In My Kitchen” April 2024

  • mae

    Lots of cookbook reviewing is a great way to try new flavors, and I love your approach even if I’m not tempted by every recipe. I’m really impressed by your herb garden — your foods will have a wonderful flavor, I bet.
    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • Is that the ‘John-boy’ Richard Thomas? I see there are all sorts of weird articles about him being dead! That kombucha sounds a bit scary 🙂 Curry flavour? Eek. Crick crack sounds marvellous; like a savoury version of christmas crack. Thanks for joining in with IMK, and using the logo.
    cheers till next month

    • Yes of John Boy fame. He’s not dead. Let me clarify regarding the curry. It’s called curried nectar but it’s cumin seeds coriander seeds, allspice, black and white peppercorns, ground turmeric, Thai chilis in a simple syrup. It’s really delicious with gin and lime.

  • I tend to writes my In My Kitchen all through the month and then tidy it up. Otherwise, if I have to come up with the whole thing i forget things or don’t get around to it!

    I found your post very interesting!

  • Liz

    I can’t believe I haven’t heard of More Is More! How could that happen? It looks interesting. Thank you for posting pictures of your spring garden, mine looks very similar right now.

  • The Crick-Cracks sounds like it could be impossible to stop eating once you started.

  • Loving your herbs! I also have a kombucha scoby (it was neglected for over a year, but somehow survived). I had NO idea you can put spices in there, going to try it next time!