Green Chili Hummus

After visiting New Mexico, I am so tempted to put green chilis in anything and everything.

Case in point—this hummus.


Green Chili Hummus adapted from Dorie Greenspan

1 can (15.5 oz.) chickpeas 2 large garlic cloves, chopped 1/3 c. tahini 2 T. fresh lemon juice (or to taste) 1 can (4.5 oz.) chopped . . . → Read More: Green Chili Hummus

Christmas Fudge

Oh, FUDGE!!!!! Today I am posting a classic family fudge recipe in honor of sweet Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” (and for December’s Food ‘n Flix). . . . → Read More: Christmas Fudge


Merry Christmas to all….

As I wish you all holiday greetings, I am remembering Christmases past….

I know you get tired of hearing this, but we love New Mexico. We try to make it every other year at least. Our last real trip was during Christmas 2011 and it was the best vacation and holiday . . . → Read More: Biscochitos

Farolitos: DIY Decorating

So I am starting my own game of Christmas CLUE with you today.

Clue #1: Today I am posting very difficult instructions (facetiously typed) for farolitos or luminaries to decorate your driveway or front step.

Clue #2: On Christmas, I will post about the New Mexico state cookie.


Have any guesses as to why . . . → Read More: Farolitos: DIY Decorating

A Reindeer Barbershop Sextet (or root beer pack to go)

I feel obligated to again share with you, dear reader, as we embark on another Christmas gift giving season that I am an often ungrateful gift recipient. (For more on my Bah Humbug attitude, click here.) I have received some scary pig teapots…,some lovely wine glasses…,

lots of cat-themed items, regifted towel-sets (that were actually . . . → Read More: A Reindeer Barbershop Sextet (or root beer pack to go)

Elixirs for Xmas: Amaretto

Who knew you could make your own Amaretto? I certainly didn’t.

I was struggling for some more Christmas posts and pulled an old cookbook from my library: Gifts from the Kitchen.

Mom had a similar book (back in the day) I loved to go through and dream of all the gifts I would make when . . . → Read More: Elixirs for Xmas: Amaretto

Elixirs for Xmas: Chocolate Bourbon Kahlua

Bourbon Kahlua from a handy bartender in Tulsa. (This stuff is golden!) . . . → Read More: Elixirs for Xmas: Chocolate Bourbon Kahlua

Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix for C.L.U.E.

Welcome to the December edition of C.L.U.E. This month’s theme focused on food our grandmothers would have cooked. To spice it up a bit, the society members were tasked with searching our assigned blogs for something that your grandmother would have cooked AND then sharing an authentic recipe from our own grandmother’s recipe. . . . → Read More: Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix for C.L.U.E.

Make Your Own Gift Bags and Go Retro

I become even more retro and vintage at Christmas time. I think as I get older, I enjoy more retro stuff. Er…or maybe it is me that is actually become more vintage.

Anyhoo, I found some old forgotten sticker paper in our office/guest room and I went nuts printing vintage images for packages and gift . . . → Read More: Make Your Own Gift Bags and Go Retro

12 Days of Cookies

I once again am on a quest to be included in our local paper’s 12 Days of Cookies contest. Here are the recipes I sent in. . . . → Read More: 12 Days of Cookies