Elixirs for Xmas: Chocolate Bourbon Kahlua

In October, I started posting a few recipes for potent potables and elixirs that needed to be created, bottled and aged before gifting.  (Click here to see them all.)

Now I am posting one that you can whip up the day of a party or as a last minute gift for a host/hostess.

There is a cool little place on Cherry Street in Tulsa called Lucky’s.   It is one of these quaint neighborhood type places.   We don’t live close enough to visit weekly, but when we do we usually want to sit at the small bar and talk to Liz.  Liz is a legend in Tulsa.   She has worked in the bar/club/restaurant scene since the late 70s and she just rocks.   Simply stated, she is a master bartender.   She always greets us like we are regulars even though we stop in, at best, every other month.   Her French martini is superb and I love to watch her flame the orange essence before serving.

If you are lucky enough (pun intended) to visit the restaurant, sit at the bar, order a French martini and some flat bread and just observe.    You will be entertained.

But, this recipe doesn’t come from Liz but from Nick who has been trained and has worked with Liz over two years.   Last holiday season, our local paper printed Nick’s recipe for Bourbon Kahlua—a drink that Nick usually made just for friends but was put on the menu at Lucky’s last Christmas.

This drink will wow your guests or give you lots of kudos from the boss and/or coworkers.   You may just want to put some by the cookies for Santa this year as well.

Chocolate Bourbon Kahlua
from Nick Roesle at Lucky’s

12 c. brewed dark chocolate coffee (about 5 oz. of blend brewed)
I actually used Folger’s Caramel Drizzle coffee.
4 oz. melted dark chocolate
I used  Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate.
2 lbs. golden brown sugar
1 c. water
2 cinnamon sticks
a few dashes of grated nutmeg
1 liter bourbon
I used a cheap one.

Bring the coffee to a simmer in a large sauce pan and add the melted chocolate, brown sugar, water and cinnamon steaks.  Grate in the nutmeg.

Whisk while simmering to blend ingredients.   Do not boil and make sure heat is low.

2014-11-24 13.27.04


Turn off heat and allow to cool.

Once cool, add the bourbon and strain through a sieve lined with a double layer of cheese cloth.  Pour  into bottles or jars.

Serve this on-the-rocks and garnished with an orange peel.   Shake bottles well before using.

This recipe makes about 4 quarts so you will have enough to give away to appreciative giftees.

2014-11-24 17.59.22

There are a couple of ways that I suggest you gift this elixir:

  1. For unassuming recipients, just seal it up in mason jars and place in a brown paper sack.
  2. For a more formal occasion (like for your boss), place the liquid in a fancy bottle and give with a couple of nice on-the-rock glasses.   Place items in a basket lined with excelsior.
  3. As a hostess gift, place liquid in a bottle or jar.   Place four or five oranges in a basket and nestle the elixir between the fruit.
  4. Include a recipe or two for cooking and baking ideas with coffee liqueur.  (You will find some on  this link.)
  5. If you have time before your next holiday party (and you live in a frigid climate), place a bottle in a square container.   Fill the container with water.   Using tape, secure the bottle so it won’t float.   Freeze the container (with the bottle) until the ice is solid and has formed a block around the bottle.   Place in a cooler and tote to your holiday party.   (It might be wise to take a rimmed baking sheet or rimmed serving tray to sit the ice on during the party.)


2014-11-30 08.49.13

Just leave it in a brown paper bag on your neighbor’s doorstep.

For a great brownie recipe that uses kahlua, please see my last post or check out Liv Life’s Kahlua Brownies.   These are the best brownies I’ve ever had.   I didn’t “kiss” them with ganache, but they were good enough to stand alone without it.   The only changes I made to the recipe was to use a package of Via Starbucks Instant Coffee for the espresso and to sub in my homemade kahlua (which made them extra chocolatey)!2014-12-09 16.47.33These honestly may be the best brownies EVAH!  (Thanks, Kim!)

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  • Fabulous!!! Isn’t that the place that serves manmosas?!!!

  • Don’t you just love bars and restaurants that greet you like regulars even when you just drop by every now and again! I know I do and from the sound of it, so do you!!! And look at the reward, Debra a very special drink that you have now shared with us:) This drink has all the makings of delectable goodness. I know I should be thinking about who to give it to but, right now all I can think about is making it for myself, lol…I’m sure that will change because there are quite a few Kahlúa lovers on my list, lol…

    Thank you so much for sharing, Debra and the next time you visit Lucky’s thank them for us too…

    • Nice reward, indeed. I was so glad I found this recipe in the paper. I know you love brownies, too, Louise, so I will direct you to Kim’s site for those Kahlua brownies!!!!

  • Angie@Angie's Recipes

    Is there anything you can’t make at home? Homemade kahlua…you are amazing!

  • Kahlua adds the best kick to things, homemade sounds awesome 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  • WOW! Chocolate Kahlua! That’s an awesome idea! Can I get on your gift list? 🙂

  • Taking On Magazines

    Whenever I make my way out to your neck of the woods, we’re going to head over to Lucky’s, okay? Liz sounds absolutely awesome. I’m not a big drinks person, but the these kinds of mixed ‘frufru’ drinks are awesome … to drink as well as use in baking and other stuff. Thanks for the recipe!

    • I am probably whipping up some more baked items today to use this stuff up. (It is definitely a sipping drink and almost too sweet for me….but it rocks in baking!)

  • Wow! I had no idea that Liz was still around. I believe I first met her at The Great Escape when we went to see Bachman-Turner Overdrive back in the day. I have some great memories of that time in my life! I’m really interested in the chocolate Kahlua – and in brownies?? Oh my!!!

    • That is soooooo, soooooo awesome, Kelli!!!!! Yep, she is still there (at least from the last time we went which in all honesty has been more than two months!!!) BTO fan, eh???? 🙂 Those brownies are to die for, absolutely!!!!!!

  • Pam

    Liz sounds really cool! I need to make a trip to Tulsa, never been there. Your Chocolate Kahula rocks and is a must try. Thanks for the good recipe! I’m from bourbon country (KY) and know that it makes everything taste better! 🙂

  • I’m so far behind on my blog reading. I wanted to stop in and wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas. And just in time to see those Kahula Brownies. Wow, I’ve got to try those. Heading over to the link and pinning.

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