Seeds Savers in Decorah, Iowa

Made it to Seed Savers today.  What a beautiful drive.  Of course it was early spring in northern Iowa so there was not a lot growing.  I had heard that by the end of summer the side of the barn is completely covered with Grandpa Ott morning glories.  I guess we will have to make another trip then.  (I did love this photo opp. of the vintage lawn chair by the barn door.)

Vintage Chair at Seed Savers

I bought two tomatillos, something I have never grown.  (I have been watching Rick Bayless’ Mexico — One Plate at a Time and have been intrigued by this vegetable–or is it a fruit?)  I also bought “Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry” which also looked interesting.   My favorite find was a “Giant Italian Parsley.”  The leaves are about 1-inch across and I cannot wait to cook with it.

I loved the formal look of the herb garden with the concrete finials and mounds of thyme.

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

Herb Garden

Mounds of Thyme

What a great place to spend the day.  We took our two nephews and we had a great time exploring the farm (with heirloom varieties of chickens and cattle), a spring fed pond, streams and hiking trails.    If you are ever in northern Iowa, I would definitely recommend going here!

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