My FAVORITE Foodie Magazines (and a few others)

Oh how, oh how do I miss Gourmet?!?!?!?!?!

Bon Appetit

Cooking Light

Cook’s Illustrated

Eating Well

Edible Wherever  (I love to pick these publications up when we travel.  I called it Edible “Wherever”  because this publication has franchises in all the great travel cities:  Austin,  Santa Fe,  Reno,  San Diego,  Seattle,  Chicago,  just to name a few.  You know,  all the great foodie cities!)

Food &  Wine

Food Network Magazine

Lucky Peach  (For more info on this new publication from David Chang and Peter Meehan, see my post.)

Mother Earth News*

Organic Gardening


Southern Living


Travel + Leisure

*OK—Funny story here.

For Christmas one year, my mother gave my brother-in-law the “Complete” Mother Earth News on CD.  (This included all the back issues from 1970 onward.)  For the rest of Christmas morning, he regaled us with information about composting toilets, going off the grid, making your own butter, etc.  We teased him about becoming a hippie.

Then on my husband’s birthday, my mom bought him a subscription to the magazine.  (My husband is so NOT the Mother Earth News kind of guy.)   Can I just say, “We love it!”   I often can’t find the latest copy because he is off reading it somewhere.  Who knew?

Thanks, mom!