“In My Kitchen” September 2022

We had some rain (much needed). We’ve had some cooler weather. Will September bring more? We will have to wait and see. In the meantime, step into my August kitchen.

On a recent date night, we visited a quaint pizza place that made their own version of fireball. We noticed that almost everyone coming in . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” September 2022

“In My Kitchen” August 2022

Welcome August and “In My Kitchen.” . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” August 2022

“In My Kitchen” July 2022

It’s July. We’ve celebrated the Fourth. It is hot. It is dry. We’re watering a lot. But, let’s see what’s in the kitchen. . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” July 2022

“In My Kitchen” June 2022 (or rather In My Garden)

More outdoor gardening than actual “In My Kitchen” items this month. . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” June 2022 (or rather In My Garden)

“In My Kitchen” May 2022

Welcome May!

Spring weather has been with us for some time in Oklahoma. Our last freeze was in mid April. I hope as this posts that I have the tomatoes and peppers in the garden, the bananas back in their bed, and all of the potted plants back on the patio. (Hopefully there might be . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” May 2022

Autumn Buddha Bowl Recipe (A Belated “In My Kitchen”)

A few birthday items, some produce, a Buddha Bowl recipe and some pumpkin stuff. That’s my November IMK in a nutshell. (Oh, and a new cookbook!) . . . → Read More: Autumn Buddha Bowl Recipe (A Belated “In My Kitchen”)

“In My Kitchen” April 2022

Seedlings are growing, there’s a few new products in the kitchen, and I have a huge curve ball this month! . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” April 2022

“In My Kitchen” March 2021

Absolutely not much going on in our kitchen….some recipes were tried with a modicum of success. Greenhouse veggies are progressing. Books have been ordered for the next round of Cook the books. . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” March 2021

“In My Kitchen” February 2022

February’s “In My Kitchen” along with Fudgy Brownie Bites. You MUST read on! . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” February 2022

“In My Kitchen” January 2022

Well, we made it again. Since 2020, it’s been a bit touch and go.

I am thrilled and pleased to be writing my January 2022 IMK post with all the good things that Santa brought for our kitchen this year.

This is a group shot of items that were gifted by my mom and . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” January 2022