It is almost blackberry time.

The beginning of June is blackberry time.  Every year I go to the local “You Pick” farm and pick at least a flat.  And, every year when I get home with all of the blackberries I wonder, “What were you thinking?”  I freeze it, make jam, make a few cobblers, and make a few pitchers of blackberry-lemonade.  That, my dears, is enough already.

Yet, every year I go back and pick.  This year I feel like I have  a better plan.  Our Christmas gifts will be homemade jams and jellies.  I already have twelve half pints of strawberry jam put away.  I plan on making blackberry (of course) and peach jam along with grape jelly when our grapes produce. 

But, back to the blackberries, I found this recipe on Tim Love’s website for Blackberry and Thyme Clafoutis:

I think it sounds a little more spectacular than cobbler.

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