Eating Out Locally

We were fortunate enough to visit Local Table, a restaurant in Tulsa, OK, before the Anthony Bourdain extravaganza this weekend.   They seem to have a rotating menu that revolves around what they can obtain from the local farmers’ market.

This place has a really casual vibe, but a really eclectic crowd.  Sitting near us were two separate tables and two couples.  One couple looked like they had just wondered in from the drag racing track, trucker caps and all.  The other couple was elderly and looked like they were on date night—suit and tie, pearls and Chanel.

Although I am not a vegetarian, I love their vegetarian items.  I had the meatless lasagna with spinach and mushrooms.  My husband had the famous bleu cheese wedge and Cajun meatloaf.   Service was great.

My intent was to have a cocktail and then have wine with dinner; however, it took me all evening to sip down my peartini–delicious but potent.

If you are in Tulsa, definitely check this place out.

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