A huge new garden

Yesterday I wrote about starting construction on a new garden bed.  This new bed was conceived because we are not giving up on growing tomatoes, and we wanted to really focus on composting and renewing the soil this winter (not to mention our “celestial” experiments).

To say that this new garden is HUGE is an understatement.  We will be master masons when we get done with this raised bed.

We don't do things small!

In the latest edition of  Organic Gardening, there is a really interesting article on biodynamic gardening.  (See yesterday’s post.)

I think we are going to give this concept a shot.  Probably for people who know me, gardening by the moon is not that big of a reach.  But, for those who know my husband, I am sure they are wondering to what lengths will this man go to for a perfect tomato?  Is he really going to become one with the “forces of earth and the cosmos”?  All I can say is wait and see.

I hope to keep our journey updated.  As you can see, we are in the early, early stages.  It will be a while before we are composting manure underground and referencing our celestial calendar.

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