Five Golden Rings (I wish)

For my fifth day, I wanted to post these sandwich cookies which I guess could be symbolic of rings (in a pinch anyway).

One of the first times we visited the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market, I bought the most awesome raspberry-ginger-chili jam.  It was fabulous and I duplicated the taste at home.  Here is the cookie that jam inspired.

Raspberry-Chili Sandwich Cookies with Ginger

1/2  c. red raspberry preserves  (If you are lucky, you can use homemade.  We are not that lucky!)
1/4  t. crushed red chili flakes
1 slice ginger (1/8 inch)
Your favorite sugar cookie recipe, mix or “slice n’ bakes”– just add 1 t. ground ginger to the recipe.
Powdered sugar (optional)

Combine preserves, chili flakes, and ginger in a small heavy sauce pan.  Heat to simmer and cook on low heat for 10 minutes.    Let set for another 20 minutes.    

Remove ginger slices and discard.  Make cookies and add the ground ginger.  Stir to combine. (If using store-bought cookie dough, place the dough with ginger in a bowl of a large stand mixer and mix to combine. )

Roll out cookie dough and use round cookie cutter.  (You may cut out festive designs in the middle of the top cookie.)  Bake as directed by recipe.When cookies are cool, place 1-2 t. of  jam in center of flat side and make sandwiches.  You may dust tops of sandwiches with powdered sugar.

I have also used candied ginger, chopped fine, and incorporated that into the cookie dough, too.

(Please forgive the references to cookie mixes and “slice n’ bakes,” but it is the hectic holiday season.)

Ready for Santa.

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