We all have seen the compost tumblers that promise perfect compost in thirty days (or less).  And I think we all have probably seen the price!!

Well, my hubby designed his own and we are getting really nice compost around every two months.

Freshly "made" compost.

The design is pretty ingenious.  He took a rain barrel (which is actually a Greek pickled pepper barrel), drilled a hole in the bottom and attached a piece of PVC pipe.  He drilled air holes in the PVC pipe and capped the top, leaving the bottom opened.  He then put smaller PVC pipes in the center of the barrel as sort of paddles to break up the compost.

He then devised a stand for the barrel so we could tip it daily.

It is not the most attractive thing, but it works.

I have already seen a difference in the plants that I have sprinkled the compost on, especially our new seedlings.

Inside the compost barrel.

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