Carrots: Our first crop from the garden

I recently pulled the last of the carrots from the garden.  The poor things had been pretty neglected over the spring and early summer.  They had not been thinned and they had not been weeded for a really long time.   I didn’t even have time to do anything but spray them off with the hose, clip their tops, throw them in a bag and store them in the veggie crisper until such a time I had the energy to deal with them.

Karma Sutra carrots! This is what happens when you don't thin the carrot patch. 🙂

With the Fourth quickly approaching last weekend, I decided to make up as many salads and sides as I could so I could spend my time visiting and playing with the nephews.  It was time to deal with the carrots.  I found a recipe for Carrot Salad on the Food Network site.  I had everything I needed and it seemed quick and easy.  The only thing I would change:  I wouldn’t cook the carrots so long.  We like ours a bit crunchier.  In fact, I think I might just give them a quick blanch and then through them in ice water.

Last year, I had lots more carrots and I was able to experiment with a lot more recipes with this local fare.  Last year’s crop allowed me to make Morning Glory Muffins (a couple of batches) and some great Dilled Carrots.


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