More Birmingham

We stumbled upon ArtWalk 2009.  I love it when we just happen upon local events like this.

We sought out some local restaurants and eateries like J. Clyde’s where we tried Good People beer on tap.  We also found “The Original” Pancake House , a great place for a Sunday morning late breakfast.  Plan to wait but what a location (right across from Highlands Methodist Church and the 5 Points South Fountain).

That evening we sought out Davenport Pizza, a neighborhood place decorated with vintage movie pics (the glossy type) along with vintage video games like Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong, and Centipede.  I think I even heard some Journey music.  Would highly recommend this place for the unique ambiance.  (Advice:  split a salad, especially if you order a 12″ pizza.)

Another find was the Continental Bakery, another place with a unique feel.  Located in the English Village, this small bakery had the most perfect  filled croissants.  We were so impressed we returned to Chez Lulu for a late lunch.  The Vichyssoise was excellent as was the roasted eggplant and tomato tart. The onion soup was in the French style with a vegetable broth.  For dessert, we had the apple pie and the almond-apricot tart.  Excellent!

That evening the cook-off festivities started.  All of the contestants went to Jim ‘n Nicks which I thought was pretty pedestrian.  (My husband, however, had to eat at a McDonald’s after the hole-in-the-wall bar he went to did not serve food–“No, we shut down the grill about two years ago,” he was told.  There was not even atomic liquid cheese and chips to be had!)

Finally, I made it through the cook-off and we all went to Daniel George for the winners’ announcement and dinner.    We had very interesting dinner companions including one of the judges (you can check out her blog–it is interesting and insightful–especially what she said about this contest!) , the new editor-in-chief of Cooking Light, and a member of the staff that was planning her wedding.  After a few glasses of wine, everyone seemed to loosen up.  Loved the story about hitchhiking in Maine and getting picked up by midget loggers–you will have to guess whose story that is.

It was a great trip and I am glad I got to experience it all.  I think the reason I enjoyed the trip so much is that I did not freak out about the contest.  (Anyone who knows me, knows how competitive I am and how I do “freak out” when it comes to winning.)

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