Pickled what?

As posted in “Foodie Reads,” I have recently finished Molly Wizenberg’s A Homemade Life.  Toward the end of the book, she writes about pickled grapes and making dozens of pints for her wedding.  When I read this chapter, I thought, “What in the world?  Wow, she and her fiance must absolutely pickle everything.”

Well, I actually tried it with the grapes from our back fence.  Again, I do not know the varieties, but fortunately one kind is seedless.

This is all that is left after juicing, pickling, and snacking.

I just opened up a pint after waiting the obligatory 24 hours.  I love it.  (My husband is not as emotionally attached to them, but he is eating a few.)  They remind me of a sweet pickle that my grandmother made, cinnamony and syrupy sweet.  (Is “cinnamony” actually a word?)

Althought I try to save all my grapes for juice to make jelly, I think I will always try to sneak enough to make a pint or two of these.

If you don’t have Molly’s book, I found the recipe for “Pickled Grapes with Cinnamon and Black Pepper”  to share at The Smitten Kitchen.  (Sorry, but I didn’t want to retype it and it seems like a very similar  recipe.  Besides, you need to go out and buy A Homemade Life!)

You can see how many I have eaten.

I encourage you to try this!  How great would this be on a relish tray during the holidays?


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