Our Food Truck Pilgrimage

Imagine, they already are selling T-Shirts with the Food Network logo.

I wrote yesterday about or new fascination with “The Great Food Truck Race.”  Finding orselves with a few days off, we sought out the most famous food truck in “these here parts”:  Big Truck Tacos.   They just won an online contest to compete on the second season of the show.

We wanted to see what all the hype was, so we headed to OKC to find the truck.  The truck was unavailable (doesn’t that always happen when a food truck finds fame?), so we visited their brick and mortar establishment on a busy Saturday.

The line was out the door and we were politely reminded by a fellow customer where the line ended.  (?????—Did we look like we were going to cut and elbow our way to the front?)

Customers’ orders were taken quickly and I was amazed that the tables turned over fast enough that no one was without a spot to eat these scrumptious little tacos.

Tacos were around $3 a piece so we ordered four, two for each of us.  We sampled the following:

  • The Guardian:  Ground bison picadillo with green olives, pico de gallo and queso fresco and green onions
  • CJ’s Verde Pork:  Slow-roasted pork, tomatillos, roasted onions and peppers
  • Beef al Carbon:  Urban Coffee Company- rubbed grilled flank steak, roasted onions and poblano peppers
  • Crispy ‘cado:  Fried avocado, romaine, tomatillo salsa, pico de gallo and queso fresco

    The Crispy’cado and Beef al Carbon.

Loved them all.  We washed it all down with two Mexican Coca-Colas, because, as the menu states, “It’s just better.”

Mexican Cokes

They also offer other Latin-based beverages like Jarritos Sodas, Aqua Fresca, the usual Mexican imported beer, and some really weird drink called Bud Chelada.

Great dive and I can’t wait to watch the new season of “Food Truck Race.”  And, I will try to get up enough courage to go back and order the 5th Amendment, a taco filled with the unknown or as the menu states, “We’re sorry…we plead the 5th; we’re not at liberty to tell you—trust us!”  Could it be tripe?  I’m assuming that if there is an offal Truck Stop Challenge next season, they will have no problems.

Good luck, Big Truck Taco.

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