To wrap up: A great farmers’ market, quirky shopping and a cool place to stay

As always, our little getaways revolve around eating, quirky shopping, and farmers’ markets.  So, to wrap up the blogs about our days in Austin, I must write about Boggy Creek Farms.  What a great find (but I would advise that you use your GPS.)

We were lucky enough to be in Austin on a Wednesday (and I love to see farmers’ markets open in the winter and mid week to boot—especially in a climate like Austin’s.)  We knew we were at the right place when we pulled up and we saw workers actually picking salad greens in the front fields. 

Green fields at Boggy Creek.

Add to this the free-ranging chickens that greeted us and we knew we had found a true local market. 

We found the farm relatively late in the morning—I think it was almost noon, actually.  Many things were sold out.  We were able to nab some fresh salad mix and I took the last of the spinach.  We also grabbed a bunch of carrots with the greens still attached.  (Carrots that were a little misshapen and had lost their bunches were in a basket labeled “Loose but still have morals”!)  We also purchased some local tangerines and honey.

Luckily we had one Whole Foods sack in the car from our trek into the mother store in Austin, because I don’t think they offered any bags for their produce.  Loved the staff who assured us that they would be open New Year’s Day as well—for those people who needed to start the New Year healthy and local.

Again, I wish we had this here at home.  This will be on our list of places to visit on our next trip through the Texas state capital.

Spinach fields at Boggy Creek.

Other great places to visit for quirky shopping:

1.  Uncommon Objects:  found a great brass bell, lots of funky vintage photos, and a “metal thing.”

2.  Mana Culture:  We bought lots of jewelry here,  two funky necklaces (one with a small carved bone skull, Bakelite, pyrite, and metal charms) and a great pair of earrings.

3.  Roadhouse Relics:  original and custom neon artwork (and a cool restored pickup truck).

4.  Plantscape Gardens:  Cool pots and lots of agave.

5.  The Turquoise Door (1208 South Congress):  Lots of great jewelry (including lots of amber) and great La Calavera Catrina items.

6.  Whip In:  Not your father’s convenience store.  You gotta try the hummus!  (Namaste Y’all—doesn’t that say it all?)

7.  Haven Gallery:  Eclectic mixed media, ceramic, and glass artists.

8.  Fortney’s (or Nuance by Fortney), 1116 West 6th Street:  Funky little store, jam-packed with cool stuff.  Make sure you go out back.

9.  Savory Spice Shop:  Uber friendly staff.  Hard to find spices in bulk.  You can taste whatever interests you.  We tried (and bought) freeze-dried corn which I hope will be super good on salads and in soups.

Casa Kenwood:  I know this is not a shopping destination, but it is where we stayed (in Casa Azul).  Andrew is awesome and accommodating, the grounds are pristine, and the location is most convenient.  We highly reccommend  it!  (Make sure you make friends with Teddy Bear.)

One final side note to wrap-up our Austin trip—The Mean Eyed Cat  bar.  Enough said!

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