The ultimate doughnut—only in Austin.

Some friends had advised us to try to find the Gourdough’s doughnut trailer.  Actually, I think they only said, “There are HUGE donuts in Austin you have to find.”  Even not knowing what we were looking for, it was easy to spot the shiny Gourdough trailer.  We were sure we were in the right spot.

The doughnuts are fried to order (so we did have to wait about fifteen minutes) and the array of combinations is endless—from the flying pig (bacon and maple syrup icing) to the Chunky Monkey (sauteed bananas over cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with brown sugar). 

As we read through the menu, it was obvious that after a night of heavy drinking, the proprietors must have sat around and thought up these combinations.  “Man, what would the most outrageous donut be, dude?”

To truly experience the excess on display here, we ordered two:  The Chunky Monkey and the RazzleDazzle.

A little excessive.

Of course, we finished them all, but were repentant after.  Advice for next visit:  only order one with about four forks!

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