Vintage Grillin’ and Smokin’ on the Patio

My brother-in-law has a Big Green Egg and is enamoured with it.  He, according to my mother (his mother-in-law) has become a master at smoking pork shoulder, hams, chicken and grilling pizza in this big green griller.

We have always been intrigued by this mode of grilling.

Last weekend one of my husband’s colleagues texted us pics of a vintage hibachi pot that his wife had located at a local funky antique shop. 

Our retro grill.

It needs a bit of repair and we bought a new grill for it.  But, I love the look and the pork shoulder we roasted all day is resting on the counter and smells wonderful! 

We bought our “big faded orange egg” from a funky shop that specializes in mid-century furniture, decor, art and clothing.   I think they were so excited that we bought this item.  They even had a special song to play for us as we loaded our purchase, Nelly’s “Grillz.”  Every time someone came in to the store, they had to point out that we had just bought this really coooool grill.

I love our new vintage cooking device!  (Allegedly, the grill was originally shipped from Japan to Hawaii and then ended up in Tulsa!)

We used an ultra secret spice rub recipe that can be purchased at Smoking Meat

Here’s our simple recipe for pulled pork:

1 pork shoulder roast
favorite dry rub
hard wood charcoal
A funky, cool, retro hibachi pot!
6-8 hours to relax on the porch on a great spring day to monitor the temperature (250 degrees)

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