One more favorite thing

Until recently, I hated coffee.  Mom never drank coffee and we were brought up on hot tea.  I still love a cup of tea on a brisk Saturday morning as I sit on the patio and read the paper, but I have become a coffee drinker.

It all started with dirty chai.  I love chai and one weekend as we wrapped up our farmers market visit, we stopped at our favorite locally owned coffee shop.  They had dirty chai on the menu.  I had to ask.  I was sold after that, even getting “double dirty chais”  from time to time.

Then, I progressed to what I call “frou frou”  coffee—lattes with syrup flavors.  My regular order has become a large latte with  a double shot and one pump of syrup.   (The lingo still escapes me.)

But most recently  I have tried it black.

My husband is a coffee drinker and last year he was introduced to French press coffee at his office.   We have thrown away our coffee maker and this is all we use.

It is insulated and oh-so simple to use.    It is from Bodum and we love it.

This is definitely going into the box of  favorite things for the lake and we often take it along anywhere we travel.

It has helped us declutter the kitchen cabinet and it makes better coffee.

To order one, check out Amazon.

I can’t wait to take our coffee on the deck!  I need this vacation!  Can’t wait for the lake!

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